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Explore Winter Wild Edibles in Haliburton this season

Looking for a way to get outside, explore wild foods and make the most of Ontario’s winter wonderland?

The folks at Yours Outdoors are partnering with foraging expert and mushroom dude extraordinaire Stevie_Funfur to host a limited run of brand new foraging workshops at Haliburton Forest focusing on chaga.

Chaga is a fungus that naturally grows on the side of tree trunks, particularly birch trees found in cold climates in the Northern hemisphere. It’s not exactly pretty – it looks like a large black mass of charcoal with a burnt orange color on the inside. Many people believe chaga has powerful benefits that can help support youthful vibrancy. It’s often tuned into tea or coffee, but also mixes well into smoothies or pancake batter.

This hyper focused workshop consists of an hour+ long seminar, discussing the medicinal uses and health benefits of the chaga fungus. You’ll also discuss the many beneficial compounds it contains, best practices for preservation and preparation, and much more. You’ll hike out into the forest, where Steve will teach you how to accurately identify chaga, and demonstrate safe and sustainable harvesting techniques. The afternoon culminates with a delicious chaga tea tasting.

Please note that proof of vaccination will be required for this experience. Register here.

Yours Outdoors is creative experiential programming that celebrates art, nature, history, outdoor recreation and reflects the principles of green tourism. The Chaga 101 experience is one of many winter experiences hosted by Yours Outdoors in the Haliburton Highlands. Snow lovers can also learn to Ski Like A Canadian, learn the Art and Syrup of Maple and even explore the wonderful world of hot-tent winter camping. In the warmer months, they host introductory mushroom foraging tours, wild plant tours and brewery tours in partnership with Haliburton Highlands Brewing too.

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