About Feast On

About the program

Feast On® is a certification program that recognizes businesses committed to sourcing Ontario grown and made food and drink.
Supporting our local economy and Ontario’s farmers is important; especially for the food service industry. It builds our local food identity, it puts dollars back into our communities and it limits our environmental impact. A Feast On® certification proves you’re fighting the good fight. It lets your customer know that by choosing your restaurant, they’re supporting our food system too.

The manifesto

As a Feast On® Certified business, I commit to:
  •  Procure Ontario food and drink whenever possible
  •  Identify the provenance of Ontario food and drink on the menu
  •  Track and trace Ontario food and drink purchases
  •  Develop Ontario’s culinary identity by championing local, seasonal products

  •  Educate the public about Ontario food and drink

“A movement isn’t a marketing tool. It’s the antidote to “Old habits die hard.” It prepares the ground for new and different ways of thinking and acting. It creates cultural receptivity and popular support for new approaches. It makes it easier for a host of innovations with similar objectives to stick, to thrive and to have lasting impact.”

Al Etmanski, Author & Social Entrepreneur


Interested restaurants must first agree to the manifesto. Applicants will then be asked to provide proof that their procurement practices match the following standards:

  • 25% of total annual food receipts reflect Ontario food purchases.

  • 25% of total annual beverage receipts reflect Ontario beverage purchases.

Applicatants are encouraged to also supply information regarding other promotional activities including:

PARTNERSHIPS. Active membership or participation in a complementary designation program at the local, regional, provincial or national level.

PARTICIPATION. Identification or record of involvement or support of events, organizations and campaigns you’d like promoted.


Once an application is completed, the following processes take place:

Procurement information is collected in a ‘Criteria Verification Template (CVT)’. These pre-formated documents are sent to you by the Program Manager via email upon application. Certification may include a full review of submit receipts and follow-ups with any vendors listed on submitted CVTs.

If the information submitted meets the procurement criteria, you will be approved for certification. Successful restaurants are notified of their status via email. If the information submitted does not meet the criteria, we will work with you to source more Ontario product. You may then re-apply within 6 months at no charge.

As an official Certified Taste of Ontario, you will receive a window decal and certificate to hang in-house. Upon certification, we work to build your online presence on OntarioCulinary.com. You may be asked to supply photos.


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