About Feast On

About the program

Feast On® is a certification program that recognizes businesses committed to sourcing Ontario grown and made food and drink.
Supporting our local economy and Ontario’s farmers is important; especially for the food service industry. It builds our local food identity, it puts dollars back into our communities and it limits our environmental impact. A Feast On® certification proves you’re fighting the good fight. It lets your customer know that by choosing your restaurant, they’re supporting our food system too.

The manifesto

As a Feast On® Certified business, I commit to:
  •  Procure Ontario food and drink whenever possible
  •  Identify the provenance of Ontario food and drink on the menu
  •  Track and trace Ontario food and drink purchases
  •  Develop Ontario’s culinary identity by championing local, seasonal products

  •  Educate the public about Ontario food and drink


Interested restaurants must first agree to the manifesto and then provide proof that procurement practices match the following standards:

  • 25% of total annual food receipts reflect Ontario food purchases.

  • 25% of total annual beverage receipts reflect Ontario beverage purchases.

Applications are encouraged to be supported by proof of:

PARTNERSHIP. Active membership or participation in a complementary designation program at the local, regional, provincial, or national level.

PARTICIPATION. Identification or record of involvement, support, or activity.


Once an application is completed, the following processes take place:


VERIFICATION. The information collected during the visitation is verified by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance and the applicant is notified of the status of their application.


ACTIVATION. Successful applicants receive a conditional designation and invitation to activate it online. Once activated, designees immediately begin to receive program benefits.


CERTIFICATION. Successful restaurants become a Certified Taste of Ontario, and receive an official Feast On Certified Taste Spoon or window decal and Certificate, to hang in-house.


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