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Our Favorite Pumpkin Beers, Right Now

Ontario is a big, BIG place. We like to think we�ve seen it all � but we really haven�t scratched the surface of its treasures. People always ask us where we�re going next. Let us beat you to the punch this time.

Now that fall has finally fall-en upon us, it’s time to start enjoying all the best things that come it – and is there anything that screams “autumn is here” more than pumpkin flavoured everything? We think not! That being said we had to ask ourselves the ultimate question: to pumpkin beer, or not to pumpkin beer?

Nalisha “BRB, In The Haliburton Highlands” Sankreacha

The Goods:12 Mile Spiced Ale, Boshkung Brewing

?I don’t like pumpkin beers, but I love Boshkung Brewing. A few years ago, I got my hands of a limited batch of 12 Mile Spiced and it was amazing. Mild as far as pumpkin beers go, with a lot more ginger than you’d expect. It was just what I needed after a long, lakeside hike!?

Landon “Pumpkin Me Up” Logie

The Goods: Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale

?If you ever find me with a beer in my hand, you better believe it will be a pumpkin spiced beer! One of my favourites is the Pumpkin Ale produced by Great Lakes Brewery. It’s a light and crisp pumpkin brew, but features malty, spicy undertones. The perfect beverage for a sunny fall afternoon.?

Christine ?Can I have Pie Instead?? Kuzyk

The Goods:Pumpkin Pie, Heatherlea Farm Shoppe

“As a prairie girl, my favourites are wheat beers! I must admit that pumpkin pie is a favourite though and with the Fall harvest upon us, I promise to seek out a pumpkin beer to expand my palate!”

Caroline “No Longer a Skeptic” Morrow

The Goods: Haunted Home Sweet Home, 5 Paddles Brewing Company

“The idea of a pumpkin flavoured beer never really inspired much confidence in me… until a few weeks ago, when I tried 5 Paddles Brewing Company’s “Haunted Home Sweet Home”. I’m now officially I’m a convert. It had just the right amount of pumpkin spice to be flavourful, but not overwhelming. Bring on the pumpkin beers!”

Photo Credit: Beau’s

Agatha “No Pumpkin Please” Podgorski

The Goods: Cranberry Derby, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company

“If I said it once, I’ll say it again — pumpkin beer people need to just chill. There’s so many amazing, autumn things we could be making beer with that don’t taste like old pie! This year, I’m all about the cranberry, particularly the Cranberry Derby currently found in the Beau’s fall mix pack. It’s a Cranberry Oat Ale that kinda tastes like breakfast oatmeal in a glass. Not the gloopy kind, the heart-warming, eat-it-before-hitting-the-trails kind!

Trevor “Beer Me Up” Benson

The Goods: Highballer Pumpkin Ale, Grand River Brewery

“I’m not (usually) a fan of pumpkin beer. I’m more of an all season sipper. However, the Pumpkin Ale from Grand River is all pumpkin nose, very little pumpkin taste. I like it.”

Side note: this was one of the most hotly debated ‘staff picks’ in the CTA office! Turns out folks have really strong feelings about whether or not to throw gourds in their glasses at this time of year.

Do you like pumpkin beer? Let us know!