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Our Favorite Pickled Things, Right Now

Ontario is a big, BIG place. We like to think we’ve seen it all — but we really haven’t scratched the surface of its treasures. People always ask us where we’re going next. Let us beat you to the punch this time.

As the seasons are changing, we’re begin to stock up on all things pickled and preserved to get us through the colder months. Here’s a few our our favorite purveyors.


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Trevor “Pass The Hot Sauce” Benson

The Goods: Seasonal Spicy Kimchi, Alchemy Pickle Company

“This funky chunky ferment by Alchemy Pickle Co. is amazing on its own or as an accoutrement. I also like to use it in cheesy scrambled eggs or to make kimchi fried rice. It’s also local, seasonal, and readily available at Stasis Preserves.”


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Rebecca “Sweet Pickles or Bust” Mackenzie

The Goods: Bread & Butter pickles from Schroedter’s Farm Market, Prince Edward County

“While I’d love to spend more time preserving all things from the ground in Ontario, it’s tough with my busy travel schedule. I am aiming to can as many tomatoes as possible this September! My pantry always stocks the Bread & Butter pickles from Schroedter’s Farm Market in PEC (at the corner of County Road 1 and Highway 62) – perfectly paired with any sandwich or cheese board!”

Christine “Kraut Queen” Kuzyk

The Goods: Heirloom Farm to Truck

“In my previous life at The Royal Winter Fair, I was very lucky to be introduced to Heir​loom ‘Farm to Truck’. Their pickled Ontario products are exceptional, and the pickled red cabbage is a household favourite. My second choice would be the pickled beets we make with a recipe handed down from my grandmother to mother to me. In a pinch, the golden beet pickles from Heirloom will do. With Ukrainian blood running through my veins, a love for cabbage and beets is in my genes!”

Agatha “I Can Pickle That” Podgorski

The Goods: Nossa Cucina La Bomba

“I try to preserve as much of my urban garden as possible. I’m usually stocked up on homemade pickles, peaches and salsas for the colder months. What I can’t seem to get right though, or give-up for that matter, is the Bomba spread I pick up weekly at Sanagan’s Meat Locker in the market. It’s made in Toronto from a mix of eggplant, mushrooms, and fiery peppers. I have everyone in my circle hooked on the stuff. We put it on anything and everything!”

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Caroline “Pickled Eggs 4 Life” Morrow

The Goods: Homemade pickled eggs

“I pickle farm fresh eggs I get at the farmers market on a weekly basis. My tip to make them extra yummy? I use red onions in the brine so they come out kinda pink-ish. So pretty!”

Nalisha “Eats Sauerkraut From The Jar” Sankreacha

The Goods: Fire Kraut, The Pickle Guy, Beaver Valley

“When cabbage is in-season I try and buy a few large heads from the farmers’ market and make delicious sauerkraut. I also like to look for discounted or damaged produce from the grocery store and save it by transforming it into a pickled product. When I’m strapped for time though, I turn to The Pickle Guy’s Fire Kraut!

Landon “Taco Time” Logie

The Goods: Quick Pickled Ontario Radishes

“I love tacos. So, so much. I would eat them for breakfast if I could. The best part of the taco? The tangy, quick pickled radishes and onions we make at home in under 5 minutes! So good, so simple. Check out this recipe.

Want to pickle your own produce? See our post: ‘You Can Pickle That!

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