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Making Local Sourcing Work: Richmond Station

The Summit seems like it was 10,000 light years ago — but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be using what we learned on that food filled day!

With this in mind, we’re launching the first of our Summit Speaker videos. A�

We also recently launched a brand new restaurant designation program called Feast ON celebrating the chefs and restaurateurs using Ontario food & drink. A�So, in honour of that–and our unyielding love of delicious, seasonal food–we give you the guys behind Richmond Station at the 2013 Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit.

Fun Facts:

  • They purchase from between 60-70 “suppliers” every week
  • Most of their beef and pork come from Dingo Farms, a family run farm in Ontario
  • They’ll never order bacon — they order a whole pig and process it on site


A big, heartfelt thank you to the guys from Richmond Station for being a part of Summit this year. A�You can find more information (and make a reservation!) about Richmond Station here!

Coming soon! A�Get into the spirit with Geoff Dillon of Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers and learn about how to turn your accommodation into a culinary tourism mecca with Jeff Ross of Blackberry Farm in Tennesse.