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5 Ontario brews we fell in love with during Ontario Craft Beer Week 2019

It’s the most magical time of year: Ontario Craft Beer Week! With just two days left in the celebrations, we catch ourselves thinking: why is this only one week?

We love Ontario craft beer all year long.

Here are five beers we fell in love with this week while exploring the wonderful, weird world of craft brewing in Ontario. Cheers!


Squeeze Play Black Currant Sour

Left Field Brewery          leftfieldbrewery.ca

This. beer. is. so. good! Besides being an unbelievably regal deep shade of purple, it’s alarmingly juicy and thirst quenching. It instantly makes us day dream of those perfect sunny moments – lakeside – in the woods, when the bugs stop and the whole day starts to seem endless. Go get some before it’s gone!

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Bridal Veil Pale Ale

Manitolin Brewing Co       manitoulinbrewing.co

In the classic and totally crushable category, we’ve got Bridal Veil Pale Ale by Manitoulin Brewing Co. Our Grow Food Tourism team recently discovered this American Pale Ale on a trip to the island and fell hard. It pours amber in colour, has a light pine aroma ends with a balanced roasted malt backbone.


Count of Sudbury

Stack Brewing Co       stackbrewing.ca

This funky dark Belgian strong ale was aged in red wine barrels with Niagara cherries. It pours a deep amber colour with cherry, plum, and fig notes accompanied with a dry oak finish. It’s delicious – and ships across Ontario from Sudbury!


Jalapeño Lime Kettle-Sour

Sawdust City Brewing Co       sawdustcitybrewing.com

We will take literally any excuse to eat more tacos – that’s just one reason why we love the Jalapeño Lime Kettle-Sour from Sawdust City – winners of the 2018 Ontario Culinary Tourism Event of the Year Award for Funkfest! The first sip of this seasonal brew hits you with citrus zest, while the jalapeno adds a subtle zing on the end, reminiscent of fresh green pepper rather than heat.


Yours to Rediscover

Collaboration brew by Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co. & Great Lakes Brewery

Okay, so we didn’t discover this one this week – but it’s delicious and we want everyone to know about it! Brewed especially for the 2019 Terroir Symposium, this Belgian-style table pale ale is available at both Beau’s and Great Lakes Brewery right now. It’s light-bodied, refreshing ale features stone fruit flavours and a mild clove & pepper spiciness. The mouthfeel is brisk with lively carbonation. The finish is crisp and clean. Consider it a “rediscovery”.