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Ontario Maple Wine. It’s A Thing.

The wine you know and love may be made with grapes… but we’re hear to expand your mind; to convince you to give maple wine a try.

Think of it like a maple mead. Or fermented maple syrup. Canada’s pride and joy.

But what is maple wine anyway? To make wine, as with most alcohol, you need sugar. Maple syrup is naturally jam-packed with the stuff. It was only a matter of time before Canadians decided to make an alcohol out of it.

Most winemakers will dilute the syrup with water (or evaporate less water from the sap), and add yeast to let the fermentation begin. Next step is aging – perhaps in whisky barrels? – and filtering. Follow those steps, my friends, and you get maple wine.

Similar to ice wine, maple wine is beautiful in colour (think amber gold) and will have a sweetness that works best as an aperitif or dessert wine. It is usually found in the same tall, thin bottle.

Try Golden Maple or Maple Sugar Wine at Moon Shadows Estate Winery in the Haliburton Highlands. It is Ontario’s — and quite possibly the world’s — first maple syrup winery!

Technically, Moon Shadows is a fruit winery. They make wine with rhubarb, cranberries, pears — you name it. Each of their wines is made with a varying percentage of maple syrup, but only 3 wines from their vast list, actually have noticeable maple flavour: Golden Maple, Cran Maple and Maple Sugar.

We think the cranberry maple sounds just dreamy. The tart nature of cranberries paired with the earthy sweetness of maple sounds like a great balance.

What do you think? Would you try maple wine? Let us know @OntarioCulinary

For more Haliburton Highlands adventures, check out their website: myhaliburtonhighlands.com