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Your favorite boozy cream now comes in three local flavours

Vodkow Cream, launched in November 2020 by our Feast On Certified friends at Dairy Distillery, now comes in three new flavours, using locally-made products.

Dairy Distillery pioneered technology to transform unused milk sugars into sustainable vodka called Vodkow. Its spirit of innovation continues in Vodkow Cream.

As fans of this sweet sipper know, Vodkow and Cream are sustainable spirits made from milk permeate, a byproduct of dairy processing that’s normally discarded. They proudly proclaim: “Dairy farms are the bedrock on which thousands of small rural communities are built on. We support local dairy farmers and their communities by creating new uses for excess lactose.”

What does Cream taste like? Less sweet than a traditional cream liquor, a sip of Vodkow Cream starts with the heat of vodka that fades into the buttery smoothness of cream.

Local businesses in Ontario’s Highlands helped to develop the new flavours of Vodkow Cream. Award-winning Hummingbird Chocolate contributed a rich chocolate, Equator Coffee a delicious cold-brew coffee and Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush their darkest, most robustly flavoured grade of organic maple syrup.