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Dairy Distillery

34 Industrial Drive,
Almonte, ON
613-256-6136 ext 4

At Dairy Distillery, innovation is at the heart of what we do. So is a deep desire to champion our community and the environment. We’ve married artisanal distilling techniques with cutting edge science to transform unused milk sugar into an incredibly smooth and clean spirit. In doing so we create new opportunity for dairy farmers while reducing waste. We craft great spirits that do good.

All spirits are made by fermenting sugar. At Dairy Distillery, we use a sugar rarely used to make spirits: milk sugar. Milk sugar, or lactose, is a natural, healthy sugar. It was first fermented to make alcohol by the Mongols over a thousand years ago. While milk sugar produces a cleaner, smoother, gluten-free spirit, it never became popular with distillers due to its high cost and production challenges.

We started Dairy Distillery with the idea of transforming an unused milk sugar into vodka. We figured vodka made from milk would taste delicious. We also believed using waste is better for the planet and helps dairy farmers. As we moved to production, we discovered significant energy saving compared to traditional methods. When it came to packaging, we picked a bottle that not only tells our story but is half the weight of other glass vodka bottles. Thanks to our sustainable ingredients, efficient production and lighter packaging, Vodkow has half the carbon footprint of traditional vodka. This allows us to affordably purchase the offsets to make every bottle of Vodkow carbon neutral. Through innovation, we’ve created a better tasting vodka that is naturally sustainable.