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Ontario’s Highlands
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Sometimes the best way to reconnect is to disconnect, slow the pace, and just wander, letting every new discovery along the way become its own opportunity to stimulate the senses and nourish the soul. Ontario’s Highlands is only 2.5 hours east of Toronto and a half hour west of Ottawa, but a world away from it all.

Delight your inner foodie with local flavours and mouth-watering dishes you’ll never forget. With food and drink experiences covering everything from sampling craft brews, savouring local spirits, and sipping wines; to connecting with the Earth by foraging for ingredients, or dining below its surface; to indulging in quaint cafe treats and spoiling yourself with delectable fine dining, Ontario’s Highlands is a land rich with fresh ingredients and incredible flavours.

Start your wandering by picking a home base. We recommend embracing adventure, planning an romantic escape, or laying your head in unique (and fun) accommodations.

We’re really excited about the craft drink scene in Ontario’s Highlands. The farm to table movement has been taken one step further with craft drink makers across the region, and one innovative distillery in Almonte turning milk sugars into a vodka-like substance they’re appropriately calling Vodkow. Combine these makers with the craft breweries dotting the region and making countless beers perfect for summer (or really, anytime) sippin’ and you’ll quickly see what all our excitement is about.

Between farm-fresh finds at markets across the region, ultimate comfort foods, and delectable doughnuts, you are in a prime region for having a cross-country edible adventure. Indulge at mouth-watering brunch spots and celebrate warmer weather by biting into golden fries at an iconic chip truck, but make sure to leave room for ice cream treats that are well worth the drive.

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If you travel through Calabogie during the cooler weather, you will want to plan an overnight at Somewhere Inn Calabogie. Swing in a hammock under the stars, get toasty beside a roaring bonfire and waken to some local temptation from the popular Oh-el-la-Café.

Ontario’s Highlands is home to a lot of really great distilleries, but our ‘must-stops’ include Top Shelf Distillers in Perth for their gin, bitters and butter tart  moonshine, O’Kenny Craft Spirits and Dairy Distillery in Almonte for Vodkow and cream liquors.

On the brewery front, the Highlands don’t disappoint. Plan yourself a little brew loop (with a DD of course!) to Lanark County and stop into Perth Brewery, Laketown Beer Co., Braumeister Brewing Co. or Stalwart Brewing Co.

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Exploring the Region?

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