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Distillery in Ontario’s Highlands launches hyper-local moonshine (that tastes like summer!)

Our friends at Top Shelf Distillers – makers of this absolutely amazing Buttertart Moonshine – have done it again. They’ve just launched a brand new line of small-batch, hyper-local moonshine meant to evoke a taste of summer.

Aptly named ‘Field Trip’, this line of moonshine flavoured with fruit gathered at small Ontario farms by the Top Shelf team. For those of you who aren’t familiar with ‘moonshine’, it’s essentially an unaged whiskey or spirit, marked by its clear color, corn base and high alcohol content. You can read more about it here.


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“We wanted to make something that would highlight freshness of the local produce, and we think this is what makes this artisanal product so unique!” says their Instagram account.

For their first two flavours, “Gnarly Strawberry” and “Bumbleberry”, they spent time touring Lindleys Farm and Market – a 6th generation family owned farm located in Ancaster, Ontario. The team spent time learning about the Lindley’s history and farming practices practices before rolling up their sleeves to pick the berries which would one day call this delicious moonshine home.

When asked what the flavour inspiration for these moonshines is, Amie from the Reunion Field Trip team simply said, Nostalgia!

“I remember growing up in Ontario, and going berry-picking at the local farm. I wanted to revisit those flavors of fresh produce picked at the peak of perfection. And that’s Field Trip”.

You can buy Field Trip Moonshine directly from the Distillery via their website here.

Find our more about Top Shelf Distillers, a Feast On Certified Purveyor since 2017, here:

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