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Culinary tourism is a recipe for economic development success.

As the centre for culinary tourism excellence, OCTA is a leading authority on culinary tourism and was created to serve Ontario and the greater international culinary tourism community. OCTA has the experience and dedicated staff required to successfully assist businesses, associations, destinations, regions and countries with culinary tourism development and economic growth.

OCTA offers an extensive range of tools, workshops and consulting services to help you better leverage the power of culinary tourism.   Explore the toolbar above to learn more.



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  • Virtually any tourism experience is enriched by food and drink.
  • ICTA cites Ontario as one of three world-wide leaders in food tourism among the nine countries surveyed. Scotland and Louisiana were identified as the other two leaders.
  • Based on a Ryerson University Study, the average food tourist spent double that of a generic tourist!

Food tourism is a recipe for economic development success. Explore the resources above to find out how to leverage this growing sector to build your business.

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