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Find Your Centre in Brantford

Let the outside world drift away and focus on finding your centre on this two day, overnight experience in Brantford.

Before you begin, visit the Brantford Visitor & Tourism Centre where you can gather ideas and information to plan your visit to Brantford. Enjoy local memorabilia displays and shop from a wide variety of merchandise and souvenirs. Pick up a memento to commemorate your trip to Brantford or a unique gift for your loved ones.

Make your first visit an afternoon class at Sacred Lotus Yoga Studio. With knowledgeable, experienced teachers, you will find a class that is perfect for your abilities. Whether you’re new to yoga or an avid participant, take a deep breath and enjoy the body and mind benefits of your yoga practice.

Dine at Café Andreou and savour amazing appetizers, salads, and main dishes varying from beef short ribs with potatoes and veggies to shrimp with tomato and spinach risotto. Feel like family from the moment you walk in the door.

For your overnight stay, pick from one of Brantford’s seven hotels all with family friendly rooms and convenient amenities.

Start day two with a relaxing float in one of Nu-u Float Studio & Health Bar’s floatation tanks. Relatively new to Brantford, the practice of float tanks is proving to be a beneficial method of physical and mental recovery. Finish up your experience with a nutrition-packed smoothie at the Health Bar.

If floating isn’t your thing, try Grand Wellness’ salt caves, beer baths, infrared sauna, and salt foot detox.

Next, head on over to Moon Tea to grab a bubble tea in one of their many varieties. Choose from caffeinated or herbal options, it’s all about your preference.

With tea in hand, head over to Your Home, Your Story. Owner Amanda Kenney believes that collecting items that you love is the way to build a home that tells your story. Pick from hand crafted items and collections made from wood, macramé, ceramic, glass, linen and many others. Bring the sense of peace you have acquired back to your home.