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Three glasses of beer lined up on the bar at Haliburton Highlands Brewing


Every season brings a sparkle of magic to the area, but something about Haliburton highlands in the winter is an oasis to indulge in.

Step into the wild Highlands and experience the vibrant and delicious local food!

Haliburton Highlands has countless lakeside and wilderness areas, and we all know that the best way to enjoy the cold outdoors is to bundle up and get cozy – a hot drink from Molly’s Bistro Bakery will definitely keep you toasty!

Molly’s Bistro Bakery

Where: 170 Bobcaygeon Rd, Minden, ON K0M 2K0, Canada

Nothing beats breakfast at Molly’s. With a huge menu that’ll satisfy any craving, there’s no doubt you’ll have a full belly and a heart that’s ready for any adventure Haliburton Highlands has to offer. After breakfast, grab some baked goods (everything is made from scratch) and hot coffee to go – a cozy drink in the cup holder and sweet pies on standby will get you through the 40 minute drive to your next stop, the Haliburton Sculpture Forest Trails!

Haliburton Sculpture Forest Trails

Where: 1305 Redkenn Rd, Dysart et al, ON K0M 1S0, Canada

A winter road trip to the Haliburton Highlands is best started with an outdoor adventure mixed in with some incredible art! This unique outdoor collection of sculptures is located in the village of Haliburton, ON. Ideal for all ages it attracts art lovers from all over the province. Sip your hot drink and stroll around taking in the beautiful winter scenery.

Kennisis: Horse and Rider By William Lishman

After an outdoor stroll, it’s time to warm up at the Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre!

Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre

Where: 1305 Redkenn Rd, Dysart et al, ON K0M 1S0, Canada

This exciting destination is a 5,000-square-foot, all-indoor facility that houses self-guided, museum-style exhibits, a cinema and classroom, a souvenir shop, and a large indoor observatory!

They offer the chance to learn about the wolves from one of two indoor observation areas and see the wolves through the one-way glass in their indoor observation rooms.

The Centre recommends visiting in the winter to see the majesty of wolves in their thick winter fur. They are also typically more playful and active in the cooler weather!

By the time you finish up at the Wolf Centre, it’s time to wet your whistle at Haliburton Highlands Brewing (HHB).

Haliburton Highlands Brewing

Where: 1067 Garden Gate Drive, ON-118, Dysart et al, ON K0M 1S0, Canada

So we know you might be a bit peckish at this point, but who says beer isn’t an appetizer? This award-winning brewery produces fresh handcrafted and premium ales, making sure to incorporate local ingredients AND they operate with sustainable practices. If that’s not enticing you enough, you’re in for a treat when you visit and taste one of their on-tap specials. This is just the ticket to get your tastebuds ready for your next stop… dinner at the delicious Rhubarb Restaurant!

Rhubarb Restaurant

Where: 9201 ON-118, Minden, ON K0M 1J2, Canada

We recommend you make a reservation because this is the place to be for dinner. Rhubarb has a casual upscale vibe and is located on the shores of Mirror Lake in picturesque Haliburton County. The culinary team is lead by Chef Christoph Carl, and everything is made in house with as many local ingredients as possible.

Try their delicious daily soup (a must for a winter visit) and order one of their many mouth-watering mains and finish off the night with an incredible selection of desserts – no doubt the Dark Chocolate Brownie will win you over! But with whatever you end up choosing, your taste buds will thank you!


We hope you have a wonderful time exploring Haliburton Highlands!