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Overhead spread of food at The Eddy including Sleeping Giant beer, fried shrimp, greek salad and the eddy burger with sweet potato fries

What to Eat When You’re Hungover in Thunder Bay

Did you stay out a little too late exploring Thunder Bay’s pub scene last night? We get it. Thunder Bay is full of great places to eat, have fun and yes, enjoy a craft cocktail or two.

If you went a little overboard and woke up with a pounding headache and a need for something that will hit the spot, we’ve got you. Read on for our favourite hangover meals in Thunder Bay.

3 Epic Hangover Meals to Enjoy in Thunder Bay

Ready to roll? Read on for our top three hangover meals in Thunder Bay.

The Bannock Burger and Hangover Soup

We’d be totally off the mark if we didn’t start with this list with the Bannock Lady. Owned by Jeanette Poisine, this Thunder Bay landmark is famous for its bannock creations. We’re talking burgers, hot dogs AND tacos all made with Jeanette’s delicious homemade bannock bread.

Jeanette’s most famous creation though? Her hangover soup. The day we visited, we heard three people order it within five minutes of being there! Perfect for a Saturday morning after a big Friday night, the Hangover Soup has tomatoes, tomato sauce, vegetables, ground beef and macaroni noodles- simple and delicious!

Wake up feeling ravenous? No worries! We recommend adding the bannock tacos onto your order so you can get a real taste of place and curb your craving.

A Breakfast Sandwich & a Sauna

Finnish pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, coffee and a breakfast sandwich with homefries and coffee
Kangas Sauna’s diner is known for their Finnish pancakes but we loved the breakfast sandwich too!

Okay, hear us out. A sauna might be just the thing to help you sweat out your…indulgences from last night. Before you hop in though, you gotta hit the diner at Kangas Sauna.

Their breakfast sandwich pairs perfectly with their made-in-house homefries and crispy bacon. Topped with egg, cheddar and a slice of bacon, you can’t really go wrong with this classic. Match it up with a cup of coffee and Bob’s your uncle.

Next, head down into the basement for a little sweat sesh and you’ll be feeling like a million bucks (or at least 5 bucks).

Something sweet more your thing? Kangas Sauna is famous for their Finnish pancakes- a thin version with slightly crispy edges and topped with strawberries and whipped cream. How can you possibly go wrong?

The Eddy Burger

Where: The Eddy
Nicole holding up the Eddy Burger in Thunder Bay

Admittedly, sometimes we just want something greasy to really add a filling layer to our stomach after a night out. If you’re the same, you’re definitely going to want to hit up The Eddy.

Opening at 8am every day, we recommend sleeping in a little bit before heading over and then ordering up their Eddy Burger. This burger has double homemade patties, smoked blue cheese sauce, arugula, pickles…all the ingredients you need to feel sooo much better. We recommend adding some sweet potato fries and going to town!

Want breakfast? No worries, they have that too. From omelettes to pancakes, you’re covered.

Finally, after your meal, we recommend a little Vitamin Nature (the fresh air will do ya good!) by exploring Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, just a 3 minute drive down the road on Highway 11/17.

On Your Way to Better Days

Don’t worry friend, you’ll feel fixed up in no time! Now get out there, grab that meal and enjoy. Hitting up a few stops? Be sure to download the Thunder Bay Great Taste of Ontario Passport.