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The Pursuit of Healthy, Ontario-Produced Food with Northern Raised

In 2021, Zack Langois decided to leave a fortune 500 company in search of a job that would bring him closer to his local farmers and help him approach his health from a new point of view. Enter, Northern Raised.

Northern Raised offers an easy connection with Ontario Farmers

What started as a quest for health has become a local meat delivery program bringing Ontario-sourced meat and fish right to your door.

In the beginning


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In the beginning, Northern Raised launched on a purely community basis with Zack’s friends and family. Before the e-commerce platform was even a thought, he would buy meat from local farmers and deliver to his small network. Soon, people were requesting custom orders and Zack thought there might be something here.

Reaching out to his friend Andrew, they launched the Northern Raised we know today with a full delivery system and e-commerce platform to connect people with local farmers right at their doorstep.

So, what exactly is Northern Raised?

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In short, Northern Raised is a delivery service that specializes in meat from Ontario farms.

Using their online platform, users can craft boxes featuring everything from bbq pulled pork and turkey breast to a bone-in leg of lamb, stewing grass-fed goat, cold water shrimp and rainbow trout. They also have a number of additions like lemon and dill dry rub, dog food, and more so take your time browsing!

Build a box online and voila! It will be delivered right to your doorstep or the doorstep of somebody you know (hello, holiday gifts).

The coolest part though? You can see where each of these products is from. Two thumbs up for supply chain visibility!

For Zack and Andrew, the shortening of the supply chain allows them to connect with the farmers and food producers filling the plates of their customers.

“I love connecting people with local, natural, sustainable and ethical food,” says Zack. “I love connecting people with their personal wellness through the food that’s on their plate.”

Building a Business Around Local Food

It’s no surprise that local food is important to us (it’s kind of our thing, after all) but we wanted to know why it’s important to the folks at Northern Raised.

“I think if we look at how we’re going to evolve as an effective and cohesive society, supporting local agriculture and local food supply is going to be an essential part of that. When we support local farmers, we’re voting for something that’s greater than the individual transaction.” – Zack Langois

Well that makes perfect sense to us! That’s why you’ll find shoutouts to each of their farmers right on their website (tap partners). It’s easy to see that the ethos of local food for the good of one’s community is at the centre of Northern Raised business plan and frankly, we’re here for it.

Get Your Hands on a Box (or two or three)

Want to get your own box of delicious meats and fish right to your door? Check out the website and place your order!

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