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#TakeOutToronto Project launches petition to support local industry

Takeout/delivery is the restaurant sector’s lifeline right now. That’s why over a month ago, Stephanie Dickison launched The #TAKEOUTTORONTO #DELIVERYTORONTO Project. The goal was to give people an option outside of delivery apps.

Six days ago, Stephanie took things up a notch. She launched a petition to cap all third-party delivery app fees

Similar to caps that have been implemented in New York and Los Angeles, the cap would be a TEMPORARY cap of 15% in Toronto and across Ontario to last during the pandemic. If all goes well, it would also hopefully last 90 days after to help get these small businesses through this crisis.

“I know the issue with delivery apps – especially Uber – is complex, but they need help now and this will offer some relief, to help get them through these next months” says Dickison.

She is not alone is calling for this cap. Mayor John Tory has urged Uber Eats to reduce its fees, to no avail. President & CEO of Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) Tony Elenis is also calling on them to give the industry a break. MPP Amanda Simard has been vocal about this too.

“I am trying to get my city’s restaurants through this. I need at least 10,000 signatures. I’ve been on the phone with MPPs and various organizations to try and band together to get this done. I am dedicating all my time and energy to make this happen, but I’m a one-person operation. I can’t do it without you.”

Sign the petition and share it with your friends, employees, colleagues and fam.

“We got liquor with takeout/delivery passed – we can do this too.”