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Our Favorite Ontario Cheeses (and where to find them!)

Remember when Ontario’s Lankaaster by Glengarry Cheesemakers was named Global Supreme Champion of Cheese?  We do.  In the wake of the odd — but amazing! — honour, our cheesemakers have really stepped up their game. From crystalized, crumbly aged cheddars to creamy, funky camembert; there’s never been a better time to explore the wonderful world of Ontario artisan cheese.

We make darn good cheese in Ontario.

So much so, that it’s difficult — like really difficult — to pick a favorite. That doesn’t mean we won’t try! Here are ten Ontario cheese we love and where to find them.


Upper Canada Cheese

Comfort Cream is a camembert-style soft, white bloomy rind cheese with a silky, creamy, golden interior. It’s hand salted, hand turned and hand wrapped. We like to let it sit out a little to encourage that tell-tale ooze.

Find it at: Upper Canada Cheese Shop, Niagara


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Back Forty Artisan Cheese

This semi-firm, unpressed blue cheese is handcrafted with raw buffalo’s milk.  Named for the region it’s from, Calabogie Blue is a tangy and rich cheese with a natural rind and overtones of blue mold combined with butter and mushroom.

Find it at: Sanagan’s Meat Locker, Toronto


Monforte Dairy

This is the kitchen sink of cheeses, but somehow it just works. The latest batch we tried had cow and sheeps milk mixed together with whole black peppercorns… but it’s never really the same. Some have had goat, some water buffalo. All were be delicious.

Find it at: Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market, Toronto


Mountainoak Cheese

We affectionately refer to this cheese are ‘crack cheese’ in my household. It crumbles when you touch and has an almost crystalized texture. Salty, earthy with cumin and oh-so-delicious.

Find it at: Dags & Willow, Collingwood


Fromagerie Kapuskoise

Traditionally, this type of cheese was made from the leftover curds, hence the ashy row in the center. When there wasn’t sufficient curds for a full wheel of cheese, the cheesemaker would protect it from contamination by applying a bit of ash on the surface, separating out the different batches. Today, it’s mostly decorative — a nod to tradition. It’s creamy and complex. We love it just as it is. Find it at: The Cheese Boutique, Toronto


Crosswind Farm

This super fluffy, rich goat cheese is made to share. It comes in of a load of different flavours — like green peppercorn or maple, but we’re purists when it comes to this tangy treat.

Find it at: Rowe Farms, various locations

Fresh Curd

Black River Cheese Company

Poutine aside, there’s no better way to enjoy fresh, squeaky curd than right out of the bag! Black River curds are celebrated the province over. If you can get your hands on them fresh, on curd cutting day, you’re in for a treat!

Find them at: Black River Cheese, Milford (Prince Edward County) *Many grocers carry Black River curds, but they pale to those straight from the vat! 


St-Albert Cheese Co-Op

Aged for 45 days, this pasturized cows milk cheese is creamy and nutty with a hefty orange rind. It’s the perfect crowd pleaser — and makes a mean grilled cheese.

Find it at: Farm Boy Stores, Across Ottawa


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La Vaquita

Local Dairy Products

This queso fresco is made in Oxford County with all-Ontario mild, but close your eyes while eating and you’ll swear you’re in Mexico. It’s absolutely perfect shredded over tacos, soups and summer’s first tomatoes.

Find it at: Foodland, Ingersoll


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Blyth Jalapeno

Blyth Farm Cheese

Creamy Huron County goats milk aged with fresh Ontario jalapenoes? Sign us up! It’s spicy, it’s smooth — it’s perfect on its own or alongside a pint of craft IPA.

Find it at: Fresh City Farms delivers this baby straight to your door!

We’ve got Gouda news!

It’s now easier than ever to source and cook with Ontario cheese thanks to Savour Ontario – a new platform for sharing and celebrate local food in Ontario.