Ontario Made Big, Bold Red Wines We Love

Everyone who knows anything about wine knows Ontario makes amazing cool climate whites and superb sparklers, but did you know we make delicious, rich reds too?

Thanks to an equal mix of innovative wine makers and stalwart growers, more and more rich, deep red wines are hitting winery shelves across Ontario. Here are a few of our favorites, just in time for the holidays.

2012 Merlot

Ravine Vineyard

2012 was a nice warm year, leading to a glut of beautiful Merlot grapes. This classic example is aged in oak for 8 months. It’s a classic Ontario Merlot. ravinevineyard.com

2014 Shiraz

Reif Estate Winery

This shiraz shines despite the region suffering a poor growing season. It’s a pretty classic shriaz, with plenty of white pepper aromas and flavours with dark fruit notes on the nose. It’s a great food wine and stands up to Ontario lamb, grilled foods and anything smokey. reifwinery.com

2015 Trius Red

Trius Winery

This classic Ontario red wine shines on any holiday table. It’s got plenty of raspberry and plum notes, subtle spice with round tannins and a nice amount of oak. triuswines.com

2014 Stratus Decant Cabernet Franc

Stratus Vineyard

The first wine bottled in a design collaboration between Stratus and Global Industrial Designer Karim Rashid, this wine is so much more than just a cool bottle. Inside is a beautiful Cabernet Franc worthy of even the most temperamental wine lover. stratuswines.com

2016 Pinot Meunier

Vineland Estate Winery

The youngest of our current red wine loves, this beauty has loads of dark red cherry notes coupled with earthy beets and a hint of bergamot tea. It’s quite complex! Available only at the winery (or online), this bottle is just one reason to visit Vineland Estates. vinelandwineshop.com

2015 Bigger Red Select

Big Head Wines

The official tastings notes for the ‘Bigger Red’ series at Big Head Wines reads: “There is no recipe to the Bigger Red” — and maybe that’s why it is so good, so consistently. Every vintage gets careful attention depending on the conditions of that growing season. Done in an appassimento style, the 2015 vintage (drinking now) is the quintessential steak wine. bigheadwines.ca


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