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Niagara Distillery launches new line of summer-ready canned cocktails

At Dillon’s, they take pride in handcrafting spirits and cocktail products using copper pot stills, fresh local ingredients and unparalleled quality, one batch at a time. They’ve been celebrated for their high-quality, award winning gin for almost a decade.

Now they’ve got a new craft sipper on the market! The Dillon’s Gin Cocktail collection is fresh, locally focused and extremely convenient – everything we’re looking for this summer.

The new creations come in three flavours:

  • Tangerine, Lemon & A Hint of Mint Gin Cocktail
  • Blackberry, Lemon & A Dash of Elderflower Gin Cocktail
  • Black Cherry & A Touch of Cranberry Gin Cocktail

While fruit may be the driving flavour in all three, we’re excited to share that these are decidedly gin-forward concoctions. Dillon’s is known for their commitment to high-quality, Niagara ingredients. They use 100% Canadian rye in their whiskeys, their base spirit is made with Niagara grapes and their fruit is from Niagara orchards. These cocktails are no different.

The cocktails are currently available in mixed 12 packs (4 of each flavour) at the Distillery in Niagara’s Benchlands, as well as the LCBO. This summer, starting Friday May 20th, you can taste them at the place where they were made thanks to their new Distillery Garden Cocktail Bar. Their snack + nibbles menu will launch later in June. The cocktail bar will be open Friday through Monday from 12-4pm until Canada Day weekend and then we will be serving up drinks 7 days a week from 12-4pm.

We look forward to having Dillon’s craft cocktails at all our summer patio parties, dock hangs, cottage campfires, backyard gatherings and everything in between!