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Meet Tom and Kerri of Pinewynd Farm

For the last few weeks, we’ve been getting to know the vendors at the Virtual Farmers Market through short interviews and vignettes. You can see past segments in the series here.

This week we'd like you to meet Tom and Kerri at Pinewynd Farm and learn about how they raise their well loved pigs!

Pinewynd Farm's focus is primarily on good pork, but of course; that starts with great pigs. Kerri isn't amused when Tom repeatedly says that their pork is the only thing he likes more than his pigs. Although Tom does love Kerri very much, he stands steadfast by his statement. Kerri spends the majority of her time (when not nursing) competing with the pigs for Tom's attention. She is often found playing, sleeping, grazing amongst the hogs; mimicking their behaviour, in yet more futile attempts. Kerri is jealous that Pinewynd Pigs have acreage to roam year round, dry bedding, and all the sunlight they can absorb. When Tom prepares their broad-balanced meals three times a day, Kerri often prays for just one time, he puts that amount of effort into cooking a dinner at home. All of this pig passion is unfortunate for her, but great for you.

Pinewynd knows that a well respected animal when given a chance to live a life in an environment concurrent with it's genetics; is a much healthier animal. These low stressed animals are much more enjoyable to raise, and we feel they provide a superior meat. Due to their more natural lifestyle, we have never used antibiotics, medicated feed or any injections of that matter. We mill our own feed here, supplementing heavily with food grade 'byproducts' including hemp, cream, apples, spent brewers grains and culled vegetables.

We are proud to be one of the early suppliers of the food hub. Dave and Emily and the entire crew have done a fantastic job pivoting, tweaking, and pivoting some more to navigate these challenging times. They have formulated a service that greatly helps small producers get their quality products to market. If any of this information has intrigued you, please check out pinewyndfarm.com to learn more! Tom and Kerri thank you muchly, and LONG LIVE THE HERITAGE HOG!

Graze & Gather, formerly the Virtual Farmers Market, was formed by farmers in the early days of the pandemic, out of the tremendous need for collaboration and cooperation between farmers and homes. The GCF Hub increases access to the best, seasonal food from small producers and provides a direct connection to the people growing and making your food.