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Meet Liz and Matt of Joyfully Organic Farm

Originally published in the Virtual Farmers Market newsletter. 

Joyfully Organic Farm  is run by first-generation farmers, Liz and Matt! Along with their team of other young farmers, they grow over 40 types of vegetables that are known for their stand out flavour and wonderful quality.

"We call our approach ‘Soil-First Farming’.  We believe taste, nutrition + farm resiliency begins and ends with diligently stewarded soil. When asked how we address any issue on the farm (bugs, weeds, flavour), it comes down to one factor: how we steward our soil. It is the foundation of everything from the viability of the farm, to the vitality of our food.  We pride ourselves on being excellent stewards of our land and we know that is demonstrated in the flavours and vibrance of our food.

We believe strongly in maintaining soil structure. One way we do this is by reducing our tillage. In cases when tillage is needed, we employ precision tools that only ‘stir’ the top tiny layer of soil, leaving all the soil structure below intact. By reducing how much we till, we are able to build very fertile soil that supports healthy plants (and the most nutritious food!)

We practice a specific organic agricultural system that achieves maximum yields from a minimum area of land, while simultaneously increasing biodiversity and sustaining the fertility of the soil. We practice multi-succession planting and intensive spacing, which not only maximizes yields, but also protects and improves the vitality of the soil."

All the vegetables that Joyfully Organic Farm grows are Certified Local Organic. They are a passionate and hardworking bunch, who truly love growing and packing up your vegetables each week!

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