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Meet Colin Moise of Renegade Harvest in Toronto

Originally published in the Virtual Farmers Market newsletter. October 2020.

Renegade Harvest is proud to provide delicious, local food made from high-quality local ingredients that helps to reconnect people with their food, culture, and heritage.

Raised by a family of farmers, hunters, and fishers, French Canadian Colin Moïse is familiar with the diverse fish, game, and vegetation native to Southern Ontario. Colin discovered his love for cooking at a young age. He began honing his nose-to-tail, seed-to-fork culinary style in our nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. Colin had the privilege of learning about global sustainable practices while cooking amongst a group of talented chefs across Ontario. Colin was inspired to take a culinary journey and, with the desire to incorporate authentic Canadian ingredients in his dishes, Colin travelled to both Canadian coasts to explore the flavours Canada has to offer.

With over 16 years experience as a chef, Colin defined his cooking style while working in critically acclaimed restaurants, for large event caterers and the culinary tourism industry. Soon enough, he found that his true passion was sharing his favourite flavours and recipes, and so began Renegade Harvest. The concept of Renegade Harvest was born of a desire to showcase unique and unconventional ingredients harvested in an ethical way. The “renegade way” is to go out and hunt, fish or forage for your ingredients. The ethos of Renegade Harvest also involves building connections with farmers and customers alike and exploring the Ontario forests where many of Renegade Harvest’s ingredients originate. Colin believes that fostering relationships and collaboration between consumers and producers is critical in reconnecting people with food, culture, and heritage.

The Renegade Harvest Homestead series combines quality ingredients and unique recipes. Take for example the Beef and Nettle sausages. Here you’ll taste the hard work of Enright Cattle Co’s beef mixed with wild nettle foraged from the fertile soil of Hastings County. In the end, you can feel comfortable knowing you’ve chosen a product that celebrates local food. Together we can all make a difference.



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