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Lynn Ogryzlo publishes new online book: ‘The Ontario Pantry’

Food activist and author Lynn Ogryzlo has published a new online book to help Ontarians find local food more easily.

The resources includes 280 farmers in a consicse Farmers’ Directory, 75 reasons to buy local and 24 local food recipes. It is completely free to download and includes suggestions, and contributions from local food shoppers like you. The book is the long awaited follow up to her first local cookbook, 'The Ontario Table'.

"Eating local means you help keep farmers in business, and they help keep you fed. The sustainability of that exchange makes more sense than gambling on faceless producers thousands of miles from home" says Ogryzlo in the books forward.

Ogryzlo is a strong supporter of the $10 challenge. The challenge is simple. Spend $10 a week on local food. According to Ogryzlo, if every household in Ontario spent $10 a week on local food, we’d have an additional $2.4 billion in our local economy at the end of the year.

"This edition of The Ontario Pantry was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic because statistics are showing that the healthier your body, the lower your risk of dying from the deadly virus. One more reason why eating local is so important. If you’re not eating local for the planet, for our economy, for your family, or your health, then do it for basic survival. I think we’re all worth it."

You can download the e-book, as well as a companion recipe booklet, at her website: OntarioTable.com