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How to make Chef Stephanie Soulis ‘Devil’s in the Details’ Eggs

Chef Stephanie says:

“Eggs are so versatile and can be found locally in every region in Ontario! Devilled eggs became very popular in the 1920’s, again in the 1950’s with potlucks and picnics, and are still a sought-after finger food at wedding receptions and cocktail parties. Changing them up while showcasing other fantastic local ingredients puts a modern twist on a homegrown favourite!”

The Devil’s in the Details: BLT, Pickled Beet & Smoked Trout Devilled Eggs



  • Boots Farms Beets from Scotland, ON
  • Manitoulin Island Trout, Smoked inhouse by T&J Seafood in Kitchener, ON
  • Stemmler’s Double Smoked Bacon from Heidelberg, ON
  • OK Egg Farm eggs from Elmira, ON
  • Grape tomatoes through Greenliner Produce in Leamington, ON


  • Single serving of each (2 egg halves)
  • Hard boiled eggs (3 whole)
  • double smoked Stemmler’s Bacon
  • grape tomato
  • mayo
  • pickle juice
  • beet juice
  • lemon juice
  • microgreens for garnish
  • dill
  • cream cheese
  • salt & pepper


  • Starting with cold water, bring eggs up to a boil in a saucepan and ligthly boil for 8-9 minutes
  • Cool eggs completely and peel the shell carefully
  • Cut the egg lengthwise down the middle and scoop or flip out the hard yolk
  • For BLT, cook your piece of bacon separately for garnish
  • For BLT combine mayo, diced tomato, salt & pepper with the egg yolk. Pipe into the egg white and top with square of bacon & microgreens
  • For Smoked Trout, flake the trout and combine with egg yolk, equal parts mayo and cream cheese, dill, salt & pepper. Pipe into the egg white and top with dill.
  • For the Pickled Beet, combine the egg yolk with the beet juice, pickle juice, lemon juice, mayo, salt & pepper. Pipe into the egg white and top with microgreens


About Feast On® Chef Stephanie Soulis

Stephanie Soulis is the Founder & Executive Chef of Little Mushroom Catering & Dining Lounge in Cambridge. She was the Chair of Foodlink Waterloo Region from 2014-2017, and is the current Chair of the Hospitality Program Advisory Committee for Conestoga College.

In 2019, Ontario Food Awards named Little Mushroom the province’s Caterer of the Year. They have won numerous awards for their sustainable practices, service excellence, and socially responsible practices. Stephanie is often called on as an industry expert and disruptor in the hospitality sector, whose last in person speaking engagement was at the 2020 Restaurants Canada Show. Steph is an oenophile, a world traveler, and a karaoke enthusiast. She and her family of five spend much of the summer at their cottage in Norfolk County.