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How to become an Ontario Local Food Tourism Expert!

Have you ever wondered how we do what we do? What our secret sauce is?

Well, now you can get closer than ever with ‘Making Local Sourcing Work For You‘ a free, online, self-guided certificate program designed by us – in partnership with OTEC – for the restaurant industry. It’s geared towards front-line staff (servers, cooks, chefs, general managers, tour guides, etc.) at restaurants but really, anyone interested in making an impact in the development of food tourism in Ontario can glean loads of valuable knowledge from the course.

The course is divided up into five, easy to navigate modules exploring topics like:

  • What is food tourism and how are you connected?
  • What is local food in Ontario? Why is sourcing it valuable?
  • How to source and use local food?
  • Enriching your storytelling with local food and food ways
  • Power of partnerships in local food and tourism

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to confidently explain:

  • How you and your business fit into the food tourism value chain
  • The value and potential behind sourcing local food for (1) the tourism industry in Ontario, (2) the local food system in Ontario, and (3) for your business
  • The various elements that make up the local food system, and food tourism ecosystem in Ontario
  • How to begin sourcing and using local ingredients, as well as identify where you may have some knowledge gaps and where to go to get additional training or resources
  • How you can use local ingredients and your knowledge of local foodways to tell more dynamic taste of place stories to your guests
  • How to build strong business partnerships through local food
  • How to share your story to a broader audience, to help build our local food identity and grow food tourism in Ontario

Enrolling is simple! Follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Register as a new user using the code CTA on the login form
  • You’re now registered, complete the course at your own pace!

Upon completion of the Make Local Sourcing Work program you’ll be eligible for the Culinary Tourism Alliance Masterclass. An enrollment link will be provided to you upon completion of the program. All programs are being made available to participants at no charge through government funding for a limited time to support the Tourism & Hospitality sector.

Sounds pretty neat, eh?