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Countdown is on for Ocean Wise Seafood Festival

The countdown is on sustainable seafood lovers! On February 1st, the first ever Ocean Wide Seafood Festival begins.

There are 400 plus restaurants, grocery stores and seafood suppliers will be serving up delicious offerings with proceeds supporting the not-for-profit Ocean Wise Seafood program.

Dine-in, take-out or stock-up! All month long Ocean Wise Seafood Partners are serving up their best dishes and products in support of ocean conservation. Every festival item that you purchase will help in the fight against overfishing.

The National Ocean Wise Seafood Festival runs February 1st – 28th with dishes and products available across the country. Offerings include the tongue-in-cheek “Keep Clam and Ocean Wise On” from Cantina Norte in North Vancouver, flyer items from Sobeys and Safeway grocers and Seafood Chowder from the Toronto Zoo. All participating businesses and full event details are available at seafood.ocean.org/festival2022.

“We are thrilled to see the Ocean Wise Seafood Festival coming into its own as a Canada-wide celebration of sustainable seafood,” says Claire Dawson, Senior Manager of the Fisheries initiative at Ocean Wise. ”This event brings together conservationists, consumers and the industry alike to prepare and savour creative dishes featuring sustainability superstars like clams, mussels, kelp and many more! At a time when we all need something to celebrate, why not support your local sustainable seafood businesses by trying as many as you can through the month of February?”

Overfishing is one of the greatest threats to our ocean.

It has grave impacts on the food web and the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide. By simply changing the seafoods we eat people everywhere can help end overfishing, protecting our oceans and the lives that depend on them. Since 2005, the Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item at a restaurant or grocery store has helped Canadians easily choose ocean-friendly seafood.

Every dollar raised during the Ocean Wise Seafood Festival helps the Ocean Wise seafood program to provide easy to follow guidance for sustainable oceans. Collectively, choosing Ocean Wise seafood makes a difference for the fishers and farmers working to secure the health of our oceans, lakes and rivers for generations to come.

Participating Restaurants & Retailers in Toronto

Registration is still open! Check Ocean.org/seafood for the most up-to-date list.

  • 360 Restaurant – CN Tower (Toronto, ON)
  • De la Mer Fish Market (Toronto, ON)
  • Fresh City Farms (Toronto, ON)
  • Holts Café Yorkdale (Toronto, ON)
  • Holts Café, 50 Bloor Street West (Toronto, ON)
  • Sobeys and Safeway Grocers (National)
  • Stamps Lane Restaurant (Toronto, ON)
  • The Healthy Butcher – Fresh City Farms (Toronto, ON)
  • The Sweet Potato (Toronto, ON)
  • Toronto Zoo (Toronto, ON)

Those listed in RED are also Feast On Certified – which means you’ll be able to try locally sourced, Ocean Wise recommended dishes.

Keep an eye on the Ocean Wise social accounts for announcements of new participants!

The campaign would not be possible without its partners. These businesses are supporting the Ocean Wise Seafood Festival: Daily Hive, Global BC & CKNW, Global News & 640 Toronto, Sobeys and Safeway, Centennial Food Service, Ocean Jewel, Ontarieau, Walter Craft Caesar, Lighthouse Brewing Co, Beere Brewing Co, GoodLot Farm, Farmstead Brewing and Steamworks Brewery.