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Charlotte Langley (finally!) launches Scout Canning to the world

5 years ago, Charlotte Langley of Scout Events stumbled upon an ancient piece of canning machinery and purchased it on a whim. She wanted to develop a better understanding of canned goods.

Since then, she’s been testing, creating and collaborating with her culinary family to design a set of thoughtful, sustainable canned seafood options for the world.

“After many trials and errors, Scout has soft launched across Canada and the US. I am both proud and honoured to share our first three tinned seafood conservas” said Langley.

The meticulously sourced and made cans come in three varieties: MSC certified wild lobster in butter and cold pressed sunflower oil, Ontario rainbow trout preserved with dill and our organic mussels in tomato, fennel and smoked paprika.

“I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did creating them!”

Want to try them for yourself?
Head to her newly launched online shop and order a set.