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Canadian Chefs Launch Relief Fund for Hospitality Workers

Canadian chefs Vikram Vij, Victor Barry, and Dan Geltner have come together to help support hospitality workers with $1 million in grants for Canadian workers that have been financially affected by COVID-19.

“The Canadian restaurant industry is suffering as many restaurant and hospitality workers find themselves without work and in need of financial assistance,” said Geltner. “I am proud to join the CHWRF in supporting workers and their families here in Quebec and the rest of the country.”

The Canadian Hospitality Worker Relief Fund (CHWRF) will start accepting applications on Wednesday, May 6th and will provide $500 one-time grants intended to help with day-to-day expenses for furloughed or impacted workers. The grants will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you’re eligible, be sure to submit your application once they open on May 6th. 

$500 grants are a welcome support for hospitality workers,” said Vij. “These additional funds will be an immense help for front-of-house and back-of-house staff, especially those who work in minimum-wage, entry-level positions like international and local students.”


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Canadian Hospitality Workers need our support! Top chefs such as Vancouver’s Vikram Vij and Montreal’s Dan Geltner, Victor Barry has launched the Canadian Hospitality Worker Relief Fund (CHWRF) to support restaurant and hospitality industry workers who have been financially impacted by COVID-19. The fund will provide one-time $500 grants to cooks, servers, dishwashers, bartenders, delivery people and others who are in urgent need of items such as groceries, medication and other health products but don’t have the financial means to purchase these items. “The hospitality community is my extended family,” said Barry, who owns Piano Piano and Café Cancan in Toronto. “Since I was 11 years old, I’ve had the privilege of working side-by-side with the exceptional people who make, serve and deliver your food. And now more than ever these hardworking people need our help, which is why I’m proud to support the Canadian Hospitality Worker Relief Fund initiative.” The fund will be administered by the Design Exchange registered charity and industry workers can begin submitting their applications on Wednesday, May 6. The fund was made possible by its founding partners — which include Uber Eats, Garland and Welbilt Canada — who have pledged more than $1 million. We are pleased to work with @EatDrinkVijs, @designexchange, @welbiltcanada, @ubereats, @elevatetechfest, @staffyapp, @tableedeschefs, @letsgetspiffy, @interac to provide $500 one-time grants. Learn more: #CHWRF #restaurantrelief #covid_19

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