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A look at the Forest City Cookbook, London’s community-driven food book

The first ever community cookbook featuring chefs and local farmers from the London-area is here!

This community cookbook acts as a tribute to London and the inspiring chefs, dedicated producers and passionate artists who built the scene there. It’s a pretty simple concept: 1 city, 60 chefs, 40 producers and over 135 recipes celebrating the region.

The project is being spear headed by Alieska Robles, a freelance photographer with a passion for food who wants to put London’s food story all in one place. She’s the Creative Director behind the project and is committee to making it a community driven effort. This goal is evident in the project’s manifesto that calls for the Forest City Cookbook to be a “a tribute to London’s risk-taking, innovative chefs who support local farmers, build community around the table, and change people’s lives one bite at a time.?

London is quickly becoming one of Ontario’s most interesting and dynamic dining destinations, it’s no wonder a project like this has cropped up.

Participants include Chad Stewart of Field to Fork Catering, Yoda Olinyk of Glassroots, Andrew Wolwowicz of Craft Farmacy, Carla Cooper of Garlic’s of London, David Chapman of David’s Bistro, Angie Murphy of Restaurant Ninety One, Paul Harding of The Root Cellar, Michelle Lenhardt of Rhino Lounge/River Room/North Moore Catering and Thomas Waite of Spruce on Wellington.

We’re particularly excited to see what chef Andrew Wolwowicz of Craft Farmacy has in store for the book. Craft Farmacy is London’s first Feast On Certified restaurant!

It’s important to note that this project is being completely crowdfunded and will only produce the cookbooks that are being pre-ordered. As of writing this article, there were less than 20 days left to pre-order this beautiful book.

Pre-order your copy today.

Just remember that with every copy sold, 10% of the printing costs will go the Reforest London Organization and their program: One Million Trees. That means for every book you buy, many trees will be planted in London, Ontario.