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You Should Be Winter Camping This Season

If you’re looking for a fun adventure that pushes you outside your comfort zone, it’s time you try winter camping.

We hear you when you say the idea of sleeping in the wet, cold, snow is unappealing — but consider what it comes with. Imagine that moment after you’ve lit your fire, propped your feet up and started planning dinner. It’s magic.

Besides, the list of ways you can ‘camp’ in Ontario’s many parks has something to offer everyone. Those who want the real outback experience can head north and dig a quinzee. If digging your own shelter feels overwhelming, you can pitch a tent in a camp ground. Want something a little more robust? Book a yurt.

For us, winter camping is less about the shelter and more about the hot tea (or toddies!), grilled food and snow. So, to help you make your meal a winter feast, we’ve put together a few tips.

Meal prep! Cutting up vegetables, opening containers and using utensils outside in the cold can be difficult. By preparing your meals beforehand you can save time and energy. Cut up vegetables, pre-mix your ingredients, and stash everything in lightweight nesting containers or ziplock bags.

Foil is your friend. Aluminum foil can be your best friend when you go winter camping. Prepare a hot potato or bake an apple with raisins and nuts by just wrapping the raw ingredients in foil and tossing it in the fire.

Savour a stew. Winter camping does not mean you have to sacrifice having a nice hearty meal. Chop up some winter root vegetables — think potatoes, squash, onions, and carrots — and toss them in a pot with some broth. This will warm you up instantly and keep you full.

Bannock in a bag. Premix some flour, salt, baking powder, and water and knead it a bag. Then toss in some chocolate chips or raisins. You can cook this in a cast iron pan or for more a unique experience, wrap some dough around a stick and roast it.

Start early. It gets dark quickly – make sure you get to your campsite and have enough daylight to set up your sleeping area, forage for wood, light your fire, and begin cooking. After that enjoy the starry night sky as you munch on your delicious meal!