Wooler Farm seeks Farm Labourer

We are looking to hire 3 vegetable field workers for our mixed vegetable farm from April to November 2016. We offer 11.25 dollars per hour and are looking for workers with a minimum of 2 years vegetable farming experience. Workers will be hand weeding, pruning, harvesting, and packaging of mixed vegetables. Please apply via email to Anne van der heyden at woolerdalefarm msk yahoo.ca* About Wooler Dale Farm Wooler Dale Farm is a family vegetable farm, that has been certified organic since the year 2000. We have been farming our land for the past 30 years with our four daughters and it is truly the family’s passion. The Farm offers interns a hands-on experience on 50 acres of land, which is rotated each year so that 10 acres is cultivated for vegetables and the remainder is let rest in rye, barley or hay. We grow various certified organic vegetables throughout the year, starting the season off in full-throttle harvesting 2.5 acres of asparagus in May! Also this year, we will be transplanting another acre of asparagus roots, which started from seed a couple years ago! Each year we expand our produce variety, currently the 2014 year includes 50 different vegetables and over 400 varieties! We are fully active year round, with 4 cold frames, 2 greenhouses, along with great root, squash and sweet potato storage. So you will truly learn how to grow, store and market all types of vegetables all year round at Wooler Dale Farm! We market our produce through 5 local markets, including 3 in the Greater Toronto Area and 2 in Peterborough.
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