Wines of Local: Willow Springs 2012 Pinot Noir

From The County to the Escarpment to Lake Erie and beyond, Ontario is growing some beautiful grapes and turning them into some of the best wines we�ve ever had! This season, OCTA�s staff are pouring their 12 favourite VQA wines � just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Come discover what�s in our glass!


Willow Springs Winery sits atop the Oak Ridges Moraine amongst the 11-acres of Testa Vineyard. They’re the first winery in York to receive VQA certification and have been making wine on the site since the 1960’s.


While Mario and Julie grow many cold loving hybrid grape varieties like Baco Noir, MarA�chal Foch and Seyval Blanc on the estate, it’s their Pinot Noir supported by grapes grown in Niagara that won our hearts.

The 2012 Pinot Noir is light Ruby in colour and easy on the nose. It contains fruity cherry and raspberry notes with a very smooth finish. You’d never know it’s got a %12.5 level of alcohol by volume! It’s no wonder that this approachable red took home gold at the 2014 All-Canadian Wine Competition.

Willow Springs Wines are winery only for the time being. 
You’ll just have to visit them! Details here.


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