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What’s In A Name: Fancy Farm Girl

The Oxford English Dictionary says that names are but arbitrary labels � but we don�t agree. Sure, that which we call a wine, by any other name would taste as sweet, but we think knowing it�s story gives it legs.

With that, we�re digging through some of Ontario�s most oddly named edibles and sharing their stories with you!


FANCY FARM GIRL n. � 1. a female with expensive taste that has an interest or is currently living in an area of land that is used to grow crops and raise animals. 2. A series of wine by Sue-Ann Estate Winery, a small, quality oriented winery on the Staff family�s 200-year-old estate on the brow of the Niagara Escarpment in Jordan, Ontario.


Wine maker Sue-Ann explains that the name ?is more a state of mind than it is a wine?. Sue-Ann is a woman that loves the sight, sound, and smell of farms while wearing ripped jeans and steel-toed work boots. But she also enjoys attending glamorous events in gala dresses. Her roots are in the farm, “but every woman still enjoys a glass of wine regardless if you live in the urban or rural area.”

The Fancy Farm Girl wine brand started out as a Limited Availability Wines Programme by the LCBO and now it is currently available in over 180 stores! It�s different than other wines because they incorporate the characteristics of what a Fancy Farm Girl should be and even use the ?F-word? of what describes females as their wine labels. Need to cool off this summer? Frivolous White would be your choice. Or, if you want to have a romantic evening, Flirty Bubbles will help to bring out the confident woman in you.

Now you know.

To find out more about Sue Ann Staff and her wines, visit sue-annstaff.com.

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