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Want Beer Made in Wine Country? Meet Bench Brewing.

Our friends at Bench Brewing Company are going against the grain. In an area traditionally known for wine, vineyards and plenty of stone fruit trees, they’re making beer. Good beer.

Founded by Matt Giffen, who brought sour beer lover Mark Horsley on as the brewmaster, Bench Brewing is looking to brew beer that reflects the Beamsville area.

“I started wondering why only a few beers were focusing on the concept of ?terroir? in their brewing processes. That really was my inspiration for Bench � I wanted to build a unique craft brewery that produces remarkable small batch beers in the heart of Ontario�s wine country” says Matt.

As an example, their Clean Slate Brett Saison (one of our summer favorites!) is a tribute to all the things to come from the historic Maple Grove School in Beamsville � home of their future brewhouse. It’s crisp, straw coloured, medium bodied, and definitely tropical with aromas of honey.

We can’t wait to visit the future Brewhouse! They’ve currently got a 3-acre hop field on the site — with another 24-acres planted just outside Beamsville — and there’s a tasting room/beer garden in the works.