Turn Up The Beet, Get Into this Spirit!

We’re always on the hunt for cool new products and edibles made from Ontario ingredients.

Our latest obsession? The Organic Beet Spirit from Toronto Distillery Co.

A year in the making, this tremendously earthy spirit is unlike anything else made in Ontario right now. It’s got a real soil-rich flavour, reminiscent of it’s main ingredient: the humble sugar beet.


The Beet Spirit project began May, 2014, when TDC partnered with Zephyr Organics, a third generation family farm one-hour north of Toronto. The farm planted one acre�s worth of certified organic sugar beets to help make this partnership happen.

Tons of sugar beets used to be grown in Ontario decades ago, but with modern technology and transportation people stopped planting them in favour of importing sugar cane from the south. It’s too bad, because the tubers thrive in Ontario’s cold climate.

Sugar beets are harvested late in October, benefiting from frosts which help bring about a rich fermentation. From November through April, the TDC has been thawing, fermenting, and distilling sugar beets. They’ve been filling the distillery with a wonderful sweet earthy aroma which carries through on the nose of the spirit… and now it’s finally ready.

We had the pleasure of sampling it again at the 2015 Terroir Symposium, but now you can try it too! Due to its limited seasonal release, the Organic Beet Spirit is sold exclusively at the distillery in the Ontario market. They won�t last long, so reserve yours online now or, even better, visit them in The Junction.


About Toronto Distillery Co.

The Toronto Distillery Company was founded in 2012 by two high school friends intent on distilling Ontario’s agricultural bounty. We believe that what’s harvested for the spirit is as important as how it’s distilled, and we’re committed to sharing the whole story of our spirits, from field to glass. All our spirits are distilled on site and showcase Ontario�s agricultural bounty.

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