Tuck into some Pluck Tea

Nothing says comfort like a hot fragrant cup of tea. At Pluck Tea, they recognize the value of using high-quality, natural, and ethically sourced ingredients…but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun with it! From ‘marshmallow stick’, to ‘spa day’, to ‘just peachy’, Pluck sells 17 unique and delicious types of luxury tea which change seasonally.


Newly founded by Jennifer Commins, Pluck is a Toronto-based tea company that uses only the top 10% of whole leaf premium teas, ethically-sourced from around the world. Commins has a long history with blending tea, stemming from her childhood memories of her grandmother’s tea garden,

“She grew various herbs and flowers, and as a young girl it was a special event to go to the garden with Grannie and pick flowers and leaves to make our own special teas.”

This love of all things tea developed further with her British-born tea loving father, who taught her how to make tea “properly”: the perfect steeping time, Red Rose teabags, water temperature, and addition of milk earned her “a wink and a smile” every time.


Commins – an avid foodie and gardener – attended George Brown college, and after a long stint in the corporate world decided to pursue her passion for tea:

“…tea became, in many ways, inseparable from who I am as a person.”

Commins is a registered tea sommelier, so the best quality tea with no artificial flavours is her business philosophy. Pluck also has a dedication to environmental stewardship, with all tea canisters being reusable and recyclable, and tea sachets compostable.


There’s more Pluck Tea plans brewing, with new spring collections featuring locally-sourced ingredients. Follow them @PluckTeas for updates!

And steep a cup of Pluck for your next tea craving!

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