Time to Meat Your Maker!

Want to get even closer to your meat?

The Van Groningen family is the name behind VG Meats, the Simcoe-based beef farmers and butchers raising born & raised Ontario beef. If you haven�t had a chance to try their beef, don�t fret. With their new program, Tasting Tours, they are making it even easier for you to taste their delicious meat right in your own home. 


Tasting Tours are a fun, new way to get together with friends and family and learn more about VG Meats and their Farm to City program – a new way to bring more farm fresh beef to underserved communities across Ontario. It’s kind of like a Tupperware party, but with meat�and eating.

A VG Chef and Meatacator (Meat-Educator) will come to your house and walk your guests through a tasting tour. They will sample products, share chef secrets and recipes and help you and your guests learn more about where their food comes from. By comparing VG with other cuts, you and your friends will be able to taste the difference in flavour as well as the value in your wallets!

 Want to host a Tasting Tour & Meet Your Meat Maker?

You bring the guests and beverages and VG Meats brings the meat and fun. You will learn more about where your food comes from, taste a variety of cuts and samples and of course, eat meat! Plus, they�ll help with clean-up. Give VG Meats a shout for more information : tastingtour@vgmeats.ca


But wait, there’s more! Have you heard about their new ?Meat Mentor� APP. Read more about that here.


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