The Metro Toronto Convention Centre Partners with OCTA!

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre has reached another sustainability milestone! In partnership with OCTA, the MTCC has added a local food advocate to its team – Kelly Hughes is now the Local Food Procurement Officer, Chef and Project Manager who has taken on the mandate to create and implement a new strategy for the MTCC around Ontario-based sourcing.

Funding for Hughes’ new position has come from the Broader Public Sector Investment Fund as part of the Greenbelt Fund.

This milestone will support local economies and build strong communities; it is a green initiative that will reduce the environmental impacts of air pollution from food travel; and above all else, it will provide tastier produce.

Hughes’ passion is local and sustainable food, so she is looking forward to reducing the MTCC’s footprint while offering visitors the true taste of Ontario.

As the initiative unfolds, the MTCC website will continue to release updates!

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