The Horror! 7 Scary Reasons to Choose Local Fresh Food

As if delicious-ness isn’t enough to make you choose Ontario, here are seven scary reasons to forego the foreign and choose local this Halloween! Warning: these statistics may haunt you!

  1. ArtificialA�strawberry flavor contains over 50 different chemicals. A�That’s 50 more chemicals than frozen all-Ontario, sun ripened strawberries. (Source)

  2. Is there a Frankenstein in your fridge? Cheap meat is often glued together with ‘meat glue‘ and sold at higher prices. Avoid having the wool pulled over your eyes by buying direct from your farmer! (Source)

  3. The FDA allows forA�certain foods to legally contain maggots, rodent hair, andA�insect eggs. A�(Source)

  4. Ocean perch can harbor small numbers of copepods: creepy, crawly little parasites. A�Next time, choose local lake perch.A�(Source)

  5. Despite growing over 2500 acres of garlicA�here, we still import 68% of the garlic we consume from China–and it is roughly 1-2 years old by the time it hits our supermarkets. That stinks! Want the fresh stuff? A�Buy your garlic at the farmers’ market or at one of Ontario’s great garlic festivals.A�(Source)

  6. Get red-dy for this one – what was once disguised on the ingredient label as artificial food colouring is now listed as cochineal extract or carmine: the dried body of a bug. Want to see red the natural way? Crunch on an awesome Ontario apple! A�(Source)

  7. Speaking of apples, an apple imported from Peru has to travel overA�6801 km to get onto our shelves. A�Ontario apples travel as little as 30km to reach Toronto shelves.

Happy Halloween from OCTA!

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