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The Devils In The Details Along The Saints and Sinners Trail

Going for a run is not always our thing. But a bootlegger run? Now you’re speaking our language. It’s this love of clandestine history (and locally made libations) that has us so excited about the Saints and Sinners Trail in Grey, Bruce and Simcoe counties.

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The Grey, Bruce and Simcoe counties have a bevy of local attractions including award winning breweries, cideries and wineries. Planning a trip through the area can be overwhelming when there’s so much to chose from spread over three counties. That’s where the Saints and Sinners Trail comes in.

The Trail is a handy pocket map that shows all of the great destination spots where you can get your hedonism on in the counties. The map includes farms and facilities, where you can find tastings, pairings or full meals and places to pick up a variety of beverages so you can take the trail right to your home. There is also information about festivals and events that showcase the bounty of the counties.

Bonus: if you’re looking for some tasty, Feast ON Certified, eats along the trail — you won’t have to look far! Both Georgian Hills Vineyard and Northwinds Brewhouse are part of the experience.

You can’t go wrong with any of the stops on the trail, but we’re pretty excited about hitting up the Saints and Sinners exhibit at the Grey Roots Museum and Archives. Bruce, Grey and Simcoe counties have a deep history rooted in early settlements. With a focus focus on the prohibition days, the exhibit celebrates those secret barrels that gave birth to the locally focused beverage community that we are so thankful for today.

Alannis once told us, “I’m a sinner, I’m a saint, I do not feel ashamed”, so with that in mind we’ll be indulging along this trail all season long!

Check out this site to see all the locations where you can find the Saints and Sinners Trail pocket map.