The Best VQA Wine Clubs (Or The Best Last Minute Gift!)

Did you manage to forget to get a gift for that special someone? Whether it’s your boss, your mother-in-law or the dog-sitter — a wine club membership makes a great gift. Not only can a membership be bought online (like right now, from your smart phone!), it also means your friend will be drinking great wines, all year.


Here are five wine clubs we’d happily give (and get!) this season:

THE WINERY: Fielding Estates

THE PERKS: For a FEW good friends (get it? F[ielding] E[state] W[inery]!), this is the best option. Amazing, small batch wines delivered right to their door — including vintages reserved especially for members.

THE PRICE: $350+HST/year

THE WINERY: Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards

THE PERKS: You mean besides a bottle of red and a bottle of white each month? You 2 CHV glasses as a welcome gift, complimentary tours and tastings when you visit them, and a free birthday appetizer at their restaurant. Hooray!

THE PRICE: $49.95+HST/month

THE WINERY: Vineland Estates

THE PERKS: Choose between 2 or four bottles per month, and unlike most clubs — there’s no time commitment, no up front fees, and you can cancel anytime. Plus, each shipment comes with customized tasting notes, suggested cheese pairings, and paired recipes from Chef Justin Downes.

THE PRICE: Starting at $54.00/month

THE WINERY: The Grange of Prince Edward

THE PERKS: Grange Wine Club members receive three wines, four times a year, with tasting notes, a complimentary wine tour plus free tastings. No word yet on whether that includes Bunny Wine, but we’ve got our fingers crossed!

THE PRICE: $300+HST/year

THE WINERY: Megalomaniac

THE PERKS: In true Megalomaniac fashion, the focus is completely on you, the member. Every other month members receive notification of a pending four bottle shipment, and what wine it will include. Members can elect to receive the shipment, or modify it to their liking.

THE PRICE: Selection dependant. Starting at $60+HST/month

For more wines we love, check out Wine Country Ontario.



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