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The 2019 Terroir Symposium speakers we’re most excited to hear

With the 2019 Terroir Symposium less than four weeks away, we asked our team of curious, globe-trotting staff who they’re most excited to see hit the stage May 6th in Toronto. Here’s what they had to say.


Trevor Benson
Director of Food Tourism Innovation

“I’m pretty excited to re-connect with Ghillie Basan, who I had the pleasure of meeting in Scotland and would argue is a strong contender for a Dos Equis “Most Interesting Woman in the World” spot.”

Megan Wollenberg
Feast On Program Coordinator

“I’m excited to learn from Selassie Atadika chef at Midunu in Accra, Ghana. With many impressive accolades under her chef’s hat, Selassie is running a restaurant and nomadic dining experience that procures a place where culture, community and cuisine intersect.”

Camilo Montoya-Guevara
Research Associate

“I’m really looking forward to hearing Bill Alexander – Executive Chef at the Grey Eagle Resort – speak on his work to develop Indigenous food tourism in Canada. With a passion for making a difference through culinary experiences, Chef Bill has worked a work all over the world honing new skills. He is now based in Calgary, using the universal language of food to push conversations around Indigenous food forward.”

Rebecca Mackenzie
President + CEO

“I’m excited to hear Sarah Meikle, Festival Director of Wellington on A Plate speak to the journey of creating a massive multi- week event that draws thousands to Wellington, New Zealand in the winter! A great opportunity for fellow Canadians to think big about how food draws a crowd despite the weather!”

Caroline Morrow
Project Coordinator

“I’m looking forward to hearing from Steve Bezeau – chef and lobster broker based out of New Brunswick’s Acadian Peninsula! We had the pleasure of meeting Steve through our food tourism consulting work in the province. The seafood at his restaurant is fresh (not fried) and reflects the culture, heritage, and landscape of Miscou Island. Steve is full of big, bold ideas and is 100% committed to collaborating with nearby businesses to offer a unique and authentic local food experience.”

Landon Logie
Event Manager

“I can’t wait to hear Chefs Douglas McMaster and Blair Hammond speak in the Rethinking Waste in the Restaurant workshop, and who are coming to us all the way from Brighton, UK, and are behind Silo – the UK’s first zero-waste restaurant. I think we have a lot to learn from these two, who have achieved zero-waste by re-designing the restaurant system entirely.”

Agatha Podgorski
Director, Community Engagement

“I’m excited to meet Soleil Ho. She’s the host of the racist sandwich podcast and was just named as the new restaurant critic for the San Francisco Chronicle. She’s redefining food criticism and working to reframe our conversations on food and dining. I think that’s pretty important.”