The 2013 Excellence in Corporate Responsibility Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Excellence in Corporate Responsibility (ECR) Awards hosted in partnership with Green Living.

At the third annual ECR Awards�s hosted by BNN�s Howard Green, seventeen individuals and teams were named winners for their work in sustainability and ethical business practices.A� Attendees celebrated the work of the many Canadian business leaders dedicated to innovation and leadership in corporate social responsibility.A� Winners ranged from teams� committed to managing risk in mining facilities, to greening Canadian homes, to an airplane manufacturer with a cradle-to-grave design philosophy, and many more.

ECR Awards were presented to ten winners, six honourable mentions and one outstanding achievement award.

Amongst them was Toronto based business The Healthy Butcher�The first certified organic meat store in Ontario–whom was honoured with the Small Business Award.

Co- Founders, Mario Fiorucci and Tara Longo with team David Meli, Jonathan Abrahams, Paul Bradshaw, Candice Zaina, Maxine Knight, and Ryan Rudnickas are unique amongst Toronto butchers. The team at The Healthy Butcher considers its mandate twofold: sourcing healthy, organic, locally grown meat and bringing farmers in contact with urban dwellers who are too often disconnected from the food chain. It�s easy to forget about the beneficial ecological impact involved in supporting small, local farmers. The Healthy Butcher, the first meat store in Ontario to be certified organic, is reversing that tendency.

Also awarded was Boreal Agrominerals�An Ontario-based producer of organic agromineral fertilizers. A�They received the ECR for Food and Agriculture. A�As the demand for organic produce increases, the demand for an effective fertilizer and soil enhancer that is also acceptable to organic certification boards also increases. Spanish River Carbonatite meets these criteria. Boreal Agrominerals sources this unusual and valuable product from deposits near Sudbury, Ontario.

Congratulations are in order!

Click hereA�for a full description of the winners� achievements.

For more information about entering the 2014 ECR Awards contactA�

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