Thanksgiving in the Park

As Ontarians, we have a lot of be thankful for. So what makes more sense then spending part of your Thanksgiving weekend out in beautiful Ontario?

Whether you’re headed for Gatineau, Algonquin, Sandbanks or the Pinery, Ontario Parks are the perfect backdrop for a long weekend outing or adventure with family and friends. Here are a couple of options we think you should explore:

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The Day-Trip

Ontario’s Parks have a ton of options when it comes to day-use. Pack a picnic, do a short hike, and get home with lots of time for other weekend fun. Hit up a farmers market or a restaurant as part of your journey, maybe one of these itineraries works for you.

The Meal: We suggest packing up some leftover roast turkey sandwiches piled high just like grandma used to make it — loads of cranberry sauce, stuffing and a good shmear of mayo. Pair it with a potato salad and a tetra pack of Sapsucker Maple Water and you’ve got yourself a feast!

The Overnight

For many campers, this is the last conceivable weekend to sleep in a tent before the temperature drops. You don’t need to head into the backcountry to enjoy the trails and quiet that Ontario’s Parks have to offer, take a quick trip with your car and get away for a single night! Make sure you pack marshmallows and chocolate, for that perfect s’more before bed.

The Meal: An overnight stay means time to sit by the fire. Consider mixing it up with some Kasekrainer, Fireside Steaks, or Grilled Mushroom Burgers. Pair those with a growler of local beer for the win!

The Whole Weekend

This is your opportunity to cook Thanksgiving dinner over a grill or an open flame, so be sure to pack that cast iron pan. Build your cooking fire, and start grilling!

The Meal: You may need to adjust that turkey recipe a bit. We suggest flattening your turkey to keep it cooking evenly. Bake your stuffing in a dutch oven, and definitely pair it all with some fire roasted carrots!

Camping in Ontario’s Parks doesn’t necessarily mean you need to bring your tent! Different parks offer different accommodations, ranging from yurts, to cabins, to RV and camper van hook-ups.


If you’ve never cooked outside before, our Outdoor Ed column is a great place to start!




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