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Terroir & The Giant Sandwich

Earlier this week, Toronto’s finest got together to launch the 7th annual Terroir Symposium.A� It was one small event to launch Terroir, but one giant sandwich for man-kind.

This year, lunch at Terroir is bringing together a talented group of chefs to present their versions of classic sandwiches and sides. Just this once they�re asking you to set aside your distinctions and leave your favourite sandwich in the hands of these skilled chefs.

Terroir Hero's

Who knows what will happen to the Monte Cristo once Montreal�s Derek Dammann gets his hands on it? How will South Carolina�s Craig Deihl re-invent fried bologna? The old Sloppy Joe is getting a makeover from Rhode Island�s Matt Jennings; Toronto�s Amanda Ray is taking on the Banh Mi–while Scott Vivian turns his sights on the Reuben. The sandwiches at theA�LunchA�CounterA�will blow your minds and rock your sandwich-loving soul.A� Dessert will include Fluffernutter Sandwiches by Prince Edward County�s Matt and Erin DeMille and a selection of iconic Canadian treats by Toronto�s Andrea Mut.

So back to this giant sandwich.A� Lunch is once again being curated by the incomparable Ivy Knight.A� To launch the lunch, Knight brought together Chefs Rossy Earle, Scott Vivian, Matt Demille, Erin Demille, Amanda Ray, Bertrand AlA�pA�e & Andrea Mut to build Toronto’s longest sandwich.

The chefs gathered around an eight foot long sub bun baked by the O&B bakery crew and began gingerly (at first anyway) piling it high with cold cuts from Seed to Sausage, preserves from Stasis Preserves, hot sauce by Supicucu, and pickles and chips from McClure’s Pickles atop the bun.


The result was not only a giant, mish mash of amazing-ness oozing with hot sauce and other delicious morsels, but also the perfect accompaniment to a bottle of Muskoka Brewery’s Mad Tom.

Want a piece of the sandwich fun?A� Get your tickets for Terroir today!

The Lunch Counter” chefs include:

Find out more about this and past years Terroir Symposium, visit: TerroirSymposium.com or follow @TerroirTalk.

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