Terms & Conditions

Feast On: A Certified Taste Of Ontario

1. Program

Feast On is a criteria-based designation system designed to protect the authenticity of foodservice operators whose specific attributes qualify their commitment to Ontario food and beverages. By combining education and awareness with marketing and promotion, this program identifies for consumers champions of Ontario products while working towards the following objectives:

  • Create and support Ontario’s culinary identity
  • Increase the ease of buying and dining on Ontario food and beverages
  • Celebrate champions in the foodservice industry sourcing Ontario products
  • Bring further awareness to Ontario’s strong agricultural sectors, and
  • Compliment and support the Foodland Ontario Program

2. Criteria

As an applicant to Feast On you understand and commit to the following Manifesto:

  • To procure Ontario food and drink whenever possible.
  • To track and trace Ontario food and drink purchases as close to the point of origin as possible.
  • To identify the provenance of Ontario food and drink on the menu.
  • To develop Ontario’s culinary identity by celebrating regional tastes and championing local, seasonal ingredients.
  • To educate the public about Ontario food and drink and to bring further awareness to its strong agricultural sectors.

As an applicant to Feast On you understand and agree that in order to both qualify for and participate in the program you are required to meet and maintain a minimum combination of the below criteria.


  • 25% of total annual food receipts reflect Ontario food purchases.
  • 25% of total annual beverage receipts reflect Ontario beverage purchases
    (or 25 Ontario beverages on offer at any given time).

Note: if you are an unlicensed business you DO NOT need to meet the beverage requirement.


Active membership to or participation in a complementary designation or recognition program (at the local, regional, or national level) that showcases Ontario food and beverages, its agricultural sectors, and/or best practices in the industry.


Identification or record of involvement, support, or activity as it relates to community-based initiatives, culinary experiences, and/or innovative and creative ways of building awareness around Ontario food and beverage.

3. Process


You can only apply online to the Feast On program. The application process involves the following steps: completing the online application; committing to the Feast On manifesto; agreeing to these terms and conditions; and paying for the application fee: $350 + Processing + HST. After the final step you will receive confirmation of your application and access to Criteria Verification Templates (CVTs) to complete.  You will not become activated in the program until the CVTs have been completed and verified by the Culinary Tourism Alliance. The CVTs can be posted to the address below, emailed to feaston@ontarioculinary.com, or faxed to 1 416 792 4669:

Culinary Tourism Alliance
41 Britain St. Suite 303
Toronto ON M5A 1R7


You give the Culinary Tourism Alliance permission to verify the information included in your CVT package. An internal points-based matrix is used by the Culinary Tourism Alliance to determine if the information provided qualifies you for the Feast On program. The Culinary Tourism Alliance reserves the right to contact you, as well as the contacts listed in your CVTs, in order to verify the information provided and/or that a relationship exists.

Verifications are done on an annual basis for every restaurant who has applied to the program, and upon their renewal each year.


Once the verification process takes place CTA  will notify you of the status of your application. Successful applicants will be awarded a conditional designation, which they are invited to activate online.  There is no additional cost to activate once you have paid the application fee of $350 + Processing + HST. Once activated, you will immediately begin to receive program benefits, and opportunities to receive added value.

Unsuccessful applicants are provided with detailed information on why their application was not successful and invited to resubmit their CVTs at no cost within 4 months time of the notification.


Once you activate your conditional designation you will receive a hand-carved sugar maple Feast On spoon and Certified Taste of Ontario Certificate. These are designed to be displayed in-house and to provide you with additional recognition as a Certified Taste of Ontario.


After activating, you will be contacted by the Feast On Communications Coordinator to schedule a call during a time that is convenient for you in the following 2-3 weeks. The consultation call is an opportunity for the Communications Coordinator  to discuss with you the types of photos and information we will use to market and promote you as a Feast On Certified Taste of Ontario.


During the length of the designation CTA will remain in contact with you to communicate new opportunities and information about the program.

Performance measurements are used to monitor pan-provincial, seasonal, and regional promotions related to this program. By agreeing to participate in Feast On you agree to provide the information required to evaluate and develop these promotions.

If at any point during the designation year it is brought to the attention of CTA that a designee is engaged in activities that are damaging to the Feast On program, CTA reserves the right to contact said designee to discuss the matter, and if need be revoke the designation.

Term and Renewal

Each Feast On designation is valid from the point of activation for a period of 12 months. You receive advance notice when your designation is near-expiry and available to be renewed. Updated CVTs must be completed every two years (i.e. on the second year of renewal). CTA will review with you the benefits accrued and added value received though the program during your last year. Your renewal year will not begin any earlier than the date you activated during the previous year.

4. Benefits

As a Feast On Certified Taste you receive a pool of benefits, listed below. This list is not exhaustive and CTA may amend these at any time but will notify you in advance of any changes being made.

  • Become part of a pan-provincial campaign to celebrate champions in the foodservice industry sourcing Ontario food and drink
  • Exclusive profile of your business on the Feast On website: feaston.ontarioculinary.com
  • Unique Feast On identifier and filter on both the Culinary Explorer map and itinerary-builder: explorer.ontarioculinary.com
  • Official Feast On spoon and Certified Taste of Ontario Certificate to be displayed in-house
  • Access to Feast On point-of-sale promotional materials
  • Exclusive restaurant promotion through Feast On digital and social media channels and marketing campaigns
  • Opportunity to participate in Feast On events and experiences
  • Rights to use the Feast On logo on your website and in your marketing materials, in accordance with the Feast On Brand Identity Guidelines.
  • 25% discount to attend the Ontario Culinary Tourism Summit
  • Invitation to participate in regional initiatives and industry events promoting Feast On as a best practice
  • Benefit from Feast On marketing on partner websites and materials
  • Receive a Feast On monthly e-newsletter, packed with news, added value opportunities, trends and reports

5. Fees

Three unique fees are associated with the Feast On program. These reflect the abovementioned processes for application, activation and renewal, and are non-refundable. The fees are:

FEE $350   $350
HST 45.50   45.50
SUBTOTAL 395.50   395.50
PROCESSING FEES 12.11   12.11
TOTAL $407.61   $407.61


6. Website

The Feast On website is comprised of various web pages operated by the Culinary Tourism Alliance.

The Feast On website is offered to each designee conditioned on acceptance without modification of these terms and conditions, and any notices contained herein. Participation in the Feast On program constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions and notices.

Content and Intellectual Property

The intellectual property and content found on the Feast On website remain the sole property of CTA  and may not be reproduced, duplicated, or transmitted in any form without the prior written consent of OCTA.

Links to Third Parties

The Feast On website may contain links to other websites. These linked websites are not under the control of the Culinary Tourism Alliance and, as such, the Culinary Tourism Alliance is not responsible for the contents of any linked website, including without limitation any link contained within a linked website, or any changes or updates to a linked website. The Culinary Tourism Alliance is not responsible for webcasting or any other form of transmission received from any linked website. The Culinary Tourism Alliance provides these links only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by the Culinary Tourism Alliance of said site.


Ontariofresh.ca is a free marketing service, online network and product database created to expand the local Ontario food market for wholesale buyers and sellers. Ontariofresh.ca is a project of the Greenbelt Fund, a non-profit organization that supports and enhances agricultural and viticulture industries in Ontario and Ontario’s Greenbelt.

In agreement with the Greenbelt Fund, the Culinary Tourism Alliance will create an Ontariofresh.ca online network profile on behalf of each Feast On designee who is not already a member of Ontariofresh.ca. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you allow for the Culinary Tourism Alliance to use your business name, primary contact, and email provided in your application for this purpose. You will receive confirmation of this registration and a password to access and update your Ontariofresh.ca profile. The Feast On logo is featured in your profile and customers using the Ontariofresh.ca platform who enter Feast On in the search filter can find you.


OntarioTravel.net is Ontario’s official information site for travel, hotels, deals and offers.

In agreement with the OTMPC, the Culinary Tourism Alliance will create an OntarioTravel.net online network profile on behalf of each Feast On designee who is not already a member. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you allow for the Culinary Tourism Alliance to use your business name, primary contact, and email provided in your application for this purpose. You will receive confirmation of this registration and a password to access and update your OntarioTravel.net profile. The Feast On logo is featured in your profile and customers using the platform who enter Feast On, in the search filter can find you.


The information, software, products, and services included in or available through the Feast On website may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. Changes are periodically made to the information herein and the Culinary Tourism Alliance and/or its suppliers may make improvements and/or changes to the Feast On website at any time.


You agree to indemnify the Culinary Tourism Alliance, its officers, agents, partners and employees from any and all claims or damages, including reasonable lawyer’s fees, made by third parties due to, or arising out your connection to the Feast On website, violation of these terms and conditions, or any violation of the rights of another.


If you have a complaint about the information posted on this website or your Feast On profile please send an email providing all details regarding the complaint to feaston@ontarioculinary.com.

7. Entire Terms and Conditions


The Culinary Tourism Alliance values the privacy of the personal information provided by you and shall only collect the personal information that is required to fulfill our obligations to you. We shall use and share personal information only for the purpose stated when it was provided to us by you, or with your agreement. We will store personal information securely to prevent unauthorized use. We will destroy personal information when we no longer need it.

You may, on request, have access to any personal information about you that we have. We will correct any errors in personal information that you bring to our attention.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you are giving permission to the Culinary Tourism Alliance to publicly display your business information on the Feast On website and in marketing and promotional materials, and acknowledge that your business information will be searchable via the Internet. This information includes but is not limited to the general business information provided in the application and content captured by CTA, as well as the information provided in the criteria verification templates; however the financial information associated with the CVTs is for internal use only by CTA and will not be shared publicly.

Logo Rights

The Feast On logo is the most prominent visual representation of our brand and we want to make sure it is used in the right way.  The right to use Feast On logos is exclusive to current Feast On designees, Feast On Program Partners and Feast On Preferred Purveyors. Unauthorized use of the Feast On logo and content may be susceptible to legal action. Changes to the logo are not permitted, including altering the wording, color, shape or alignment unless permission is providing through the prior written consent of the Culinary Tourism Alliance. 


These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change, addition, or deletion at any time. You will be notified of any such changes and they will be posted in these terms and conditions page. The Culinary Tourism Alliance reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the Feast On program is offered, including but not limited to the charges associated with the program and its benefits. If you consider any future amendments made to these terms and conditions to be unacceptable, you can cancel your designation at any time.


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions you can reach us at feaston@ontarioculinary.com


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