5 things I learned at #TECHmunch

#TECHmunch � the traveling food blogger conference � made its Toronto debut on Sunday, July 22nd as part of the 15th Annual Hot & Spicy Food Festival at Harbourfront Centre.A� I was there to pick up a few tricks to keep up my sleeve.

It seems like everyone and their mother has a food blog now-a-days.A� How do you make yours stand out of the crowd?A� You could be a brilliant writer, but without the full package you may never reach the audience you deserve.

Enter #TECHmunch.A� #TECHmunch aims to bring food bloggers together to learn from each other and industry experts to make the best of their content in the blog-o-sphere.

So, without further ado… here are:

5 things I learned at #TECHmunch

  1. Photos, photos, and more photos.A� People like to look at beautiful things.A� Don’t steal photos if you can’t take your own, but put in the effort to create something visually eye catching for your readers.
  2. SEO isn’t as easy to ‘trick’ as it used to be. According to SEO expert Thom Craver, don’t just stuff your articles full of keywords in hopes that google will pick them up!A� That’s cheating, but more-over it’s bad writing.
    A�Side Note: CONTENT.A� If you have nothing to say, don’t write.A� No amount of SEO skill(z) or Adwords will make people come to your blog if you’re not creating interesting and engaging content.
  3. Google it.A� Not sure about something?A� Want more from/on/in your blog?A� Let me help you with that.
  4. Participate in the conversation.A� If you like someone elses blog, tell them!A� Share links to other sites and actively keep the conversation going.A� It’s about community after all.
  5. Volunteer more.A� Ivy Knight put it brilliantly when she said the best way to meet people who matter in our industry is to be at the right place, at the right time.A� Volunteer everywhere, whenever you can–get your name (and face!) out there.A� Build real relationships alongside your virtual ones.

Wanna know more about the #TECHmunch TO?A� Visit their website! Want a TECHmunch food blogger conference in your hometown? Let them know. Send an email to babette@bakespace.com



TECHmunch is a series of conferences in cities across the U.S. designed to help food bloggers gain the hands-on digital media, marketing and business skills they need to make their blogs more personally and financially rewarding. Each conference features leading experts in a range of disciplines — from digital publishing and search engine optimization to public relations and online advertising.

TECHmunch was created by BakeSpace.com Founder Babette Pepaj (@bakespace), who serves as its producer and host.

TECHmunch Toronto is produced with local assistance by Ivy Knight (@IvyKnight), Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder swallowfood.com

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