Tasty Tours Does The Distillery

Calling all sweets lovers and history buffs! If you�re as addicted to sugar and localA�history as much as we are then you won�t want to miss this new tour, it hits all the rightA�sweet spots.

Tasty Tours Preview - 27 Audrey

Tasty Tours is partnering with the Distillery District for their ?Oh Canada! Farmers� Market Sweets Tour�. As Toronto�sA�only farmers� market tour, launching on Canada Day Weekend, the jaunt focuses onA�Canadian sweet treats while providing a deeper understanding of local food culture andA�issues.

?Growing up in a city, I never really had the chance to interact with farmers,? saysA�Audrey Ooi, founder and owner of Tasty Tours. ?I�ve learnt a lot from the farmers on ourA�tour and I want to share their knowledge and passion with locals and tourists alike. AnA�awareness of where our food comes from is very important, because it impacts our healthA�and our community.?

The ?Oh Canada� tour includes stops with three vendors at the Sunday Market, asA�well as at three eateries located in the heart of the Distillery. The District�s SundayA�Market, based at Gristmill Lane, is open from 10am to 3pm every Sunday until theA�end of September. The vendors were selected specifically for artisanal goods that wereA�produced within 100 miles of the Distillery District.

Tasty Tours Preview - 19 Sweet Escape Chef

There�s an abundance of sweets to be sampled, but the real beauty of this specific tour isA�the intimate interactions with these unique vendors!A�At Haute Goat you�ll meet Shain Jaffe, who�s wares include goat cheese chocolateA�truffles, goat butter caramel corn, goat milk cajeta (caramel sauce), salted goat milkA�caramels, and even raw goat milk soaps. Shain�s passion for his farm near CampbellfordA�and their Nigerian Dwarf goats is simply contagious.

Next, the tour moves on to the Hi Honey stand where beekeeper / activist KarenA�McKenna shares her enthusiasm for all things bees and educates the group on theA�negative effects of neonics. Karen frequently rotates the honey she sells, but we wereA�able to taste this fantastic blueberry blossom honey from Dutchman�s Gold. It was like aA�pow of blueberry flavour in your mouth; the magic of bees!

Tasty Tours Preview - 15 Spade&Spoon Preserves

Audrey keeps the liquid sugar theme going by taking us to Spade & Spoon�s booth,A�where we sample different grades of maple syrup. Adam Smith explains the nuancesA�between dark, medium, and light maple syrups and also has an assortments of smallA�batch jams and preserves for sampling. Spade & Spoon�s offerings are vast and includeA�a Zingy Rhubarb Jam, Hot Red Pepper Jelly, Apple Rosemary Jelly, Homestyle CornA�Reslish, Dill Pickles, and Pickled Beets. When speaking with Adam and Blythe, youA�leave with a real sense of the pride they have in their ingredients.

After some time perusing the Market, the sweets train alters its course slightly and theA�tour focuses more on the Distillery and what it has to offer. Audrey aptly segues into theA�second half of the tour by discussing the local history of the district as well as the historyA�behind the sweets still to be sampled, including butter tarts (spoiler alert � they wereA�invented in Ontario!) and Nanaimo bars.

Stops during the Distillery portion of the tour include Sweet Escape Patisserie, SomaA�Chocolatier, and Mill Street Brew Pub. Tasty treats from these eateries include butterA�tarts (customized specifically for you), ice wine macarons using Lakeview Cellars VidalA�Ice Wine, microbatch chocolates, short rib poutine, and samples of various Mill StreetA�beers.

Tasty Tours Preview - 24 Mill St Poutine

?It’s funny how learning the history behind something makes it more enjoyable,? saysA�Lacy Atalick, a participant of the tour. ?I’ve had this beer before, but it’s never tastedA�quite as good.?

Tours cost $39.82 per person for adults and $26.55 for children (plus HST). Any earlyA�birds who book by Canada Day (tours can take place after) will bring home a tour-exclusive ice wine macaron.

Officially launching on June 29, rain or shine, tours take place Sunday mornings at 10amA�and lasts approximately 2.5 hours. Capped at 10 people per tour to create a more intimateA�experience, this new Tasty Tour is an ideal Sunday activity for those with a sweet tooth!

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