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Tasty Tidbits: Ontario VQA Wines Feel the Love

Ontario Wine Council research proves Ontario�s and the world�s growing love for VQA wines.

Culinary Tourists are motivated by authentic experiences when traveling. This is true whether it�s a tourist within our own Province or from the other side of the globe. One of the most powerful contributors to a truly authentic travel experience is local food and drink. They tell the local story with incredible depth, engaging all of the 5 senses. That is what makes it so memorable.


The study just released by the Wine Council of Ontario, ?Study of the Ontario Economic Impact of Ontario VQA Wines?, demonstrates the growing love for Ontario Wines and its positive effects on the economy.

In just 4 years VQA Wine sales in Ontario have increased by 50%. The economic value-added generated by the Ontario VQA wine industry was estimated to be approximately $191 million. This growth has led to the creation of 1300 additional jobs in the last 4 years.

Those outside of the Province are enjoying our wine as well. Exports of VQA wines from Ontario have grown by 30% during the past decade and generated $37M in sales in 2010.
Ontario�s VQA wine industry now exports to more than 20 countries around the world.

Not surprisingly, wine tourism is becoming an increasingly important factor in the economy. Wine tourism in Ontario is expected to grow by 20% in the Canadian market and 28% in the American market by 2025.

Over 1 million people visit the Province�s wineries each year.

Let�s raise a glass of Ontario VQA to that!